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Watch Dogs. The oddest game I ever liked. 0

Watch Dogs as many great things going about it. The shooting is fun, the hacking is a great tool and never feels gimmicky, and the side quests are fantastic. As great as these big mechanics are that makes up the majority of the game. It is the smaller things that make Watch Dogs highly flawed.You play as Aiden Pearce, a hacker that accidently uncovered something trying to take revenge on those that killed his niece. This includes going after a major mob boss in Chicago. I like the fact that Aid...

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Absolutely everything that is wrong with AAA games in one convenient package. 0

Disclaimer: The opener of this review is from a comment I posted to r/games."Watch Dogs represented one of those moments in gaming where I really tried to glean as little information as possible. I saw the original E3 bit and thought 'I really want to preserve a sense of mystery and excitement with this one.'Now that I own it, I wish I'd studied up on it more, as I probably would've rented it or wait until it had gone on sale to buy it. It's nowhere near as dynamic as the "Vertical slice" that w...

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Watch_Dogs (PC) Review 0

Watch_Dogs is set in present day, but alternate universe, Chicago where the city has become a testing ground for a new city-wide computer network called ctOS which connects everything and everyone. Enter Aiden Pearce, hacker extraordinaire. Due to some poor choices in his past he becomes a target for retribution and his family ends up paying the price. Months after the incident shown in the introduction, players assume control of Aiden as he takes his hacking skills, and his supercharged cell ph...

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What Could Have Been: Watch Dogs 1

You’re walking along a street, phone in hand, all bored-looking, hacking pieces of information about Chicago’s residents by just looking at them. You overhear a pedestrian talk with a vague Canadian accent, you hack a homeless person’s rich bank account, and you steal yet another mediocre track from a music-enthusiast; and then, 5 minutes of this, it loses its novelty and you’re off to either shoot, or drive in a very standard open-world game.First revealed in E3 2012, W...

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Watch Dogs Review - A Bit Ruff 0

There is something amiss about the latest Ubisoft open-world game Watch Dogs. It’s a complicated mixture of small inconsistencies in the design, the plot, and the game world itself. On top of that, the tone bounces between serious, comical, and nonsensical on an alarmingly regular basis.The game was unveiled in 2012 at Ubisoft’s pre-E3 press conference to the adoration of the entire industry. Over the past months, the Internet hype machine went into full effect, fueled by Ubisoft the...

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Fantastic Gameplay 0

Many people review this game based on the graphics and the fact that the game has been delayed several times. I want to point this out. I have found this game a new breath in the gaming industry and i really like the way the gameplay works. There are faults, mostly graphical though. My review includes all aspect og the game and is an aggregated score. ...

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Video Review: The Video Game Equivalent of Pizza 0

Here's the video, it works better in video format:'s the script:For me, open world games are the video game equivalent of Pizza. There’s a lot of good and bad pizza in the world, but I usually prefer mediocre pizza to most other foods. Watch Dogs is an open world game, so I’m already predisposed to like it more than most people. But for everyone else, you’re more likely to dislike the game if you think it’s something other t...

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Watch_Dogs - ehhhh? 0

What is it? THE FUTURE OF GAMING!!! Pfft not even close. Watch_Dogs is the highly anticipated new IP from Ubisoft, an open world, third person action game which lies in a similar vein to GTA though with less emphasis on fucking shit up and instead on hacking things like some passive aggressive nerd on the Internet.Story So in this rendition of Chicago you are Aiden Pearce, notorious hacker and terrible person. The game opens with you scouting out a hotel or store or something that isn't made in...

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Watch Dogs Over[Re]view 0

So instead of doing a formal review, I've decided to just make a list of the most important things in the game, and try my best to explain them and tell you what I think.Gameplay - 3/5:The controls in this game are strange and unconventional. You'll hate them in the beginning, but you get used to them as the game progresses, and I actually became quite fond of them. The cover mechanic is very good in this game, just a simple push of the X button makes Aiden dash from one cover to another, simply...

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There's no sugarcoating it -- the game is just a crushing disappointment 0

If you have been playing video games for a long time, then you are probably already familiar with the feeling that you will get early on while playing this game – crushing disappointment – that feeling of having high hopes for a game, only to find those hopes dashed when the game that you play ends up being less polished, less beautiful, and less fun than you had hoped. Watch_Dogs is not the worst game that I have ever played, but it is one of the most disappointing. It doesn’t...

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watch dogs 0

In this game you play as a 4chan reject who I'm pretty sure the developers of the game actively disliked. Aden Pierce plays an elite hacker who hacks the systems to put cat memes onto Chicago's futuristic e-billboards, thats the kind of neckbeard he is. In the games, you entrap another hacker woemen into your smelly hacking lair, where she toils to reappropriate information from the loyal citizens of future Chicago. RUnning over loyal citizens will lower your bars though, so its not recommended...

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It's like GTA for the Wi-Fi Generation. 0

Ubi Soft's "Watch Dogs" is like "Grand Theft Auto" for the Wi-Fi generation. It was hyped due to an impressive demo shown at E3 2012. And while it's not one of the great open-world action games, it is perfectly entertaining. The game's protagonist is a gun-wielding hacker named Aiden Pearce whose daughter is murdered as a result of a hack gone wrong. As the game begins, he's on the search for the mystery man behind the hit. His journey for justice sends him into the underworld of a futuristic Ch...

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The hacking differentiates it somewhat, but Watch Dogs is still a bread-and-butter open-world game with an abysmal story 0

Ever since its eye-opening debut at E3 a mere two years ago, Watch Dogs has been heralded as the true arrival of next-generation gaming. Ubisoft itself has done little to discourage this notion, barrelling full steam ahead on an unrelenting hype train, but the game that steps off at the end of the line isn’t the revolution many were hoping for. More than anything, it’s a reminder of generations past rather than gaming’s future. It borrows concepts from other Ubisoft franchises ...

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Better than GTA 5 0

This game interesting.This game is a totally new type of gaming.The open world of this game is more interactive than that of the open world of GTA 5.From my point of view I will vote for Watch_Dogs and not GTA 5.The most interesting part of this game is that you can HACK anything.Actually you can control the whole Chicago city with few hacking codes....

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Ubisoft’s Big Hacking Adventure Is Here 0

Hype can be a strange thing. On one hand, hype is exactly what every developer wants when they show off a brand new IP. People start talking about the game and become increasingly excited to play it and expect something that will blow them away. On the other hand, hype can create completely unrealistic expectations and in the end disappoint the consumer after waiting for such a long time.Watch Dogs was always going to receive some backlash after it was so well received at E3 2012 and after numer...

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The most average game I've ever played 0

Nothing really good, nothing really bad, this game is just a huge scoop of meh.This game is a lesser version of Assassin's Creed, there is a story, but it's not great, the driving and shooting/combat are not up to current standards. Some extremely frustrating parts in this game.The side quests are better than anything that has ever been in AC though, I really liked diving into the history of Chicago told through the landmarks.The music was ok, it's a shame most of it is hidden in unlockables thr...

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Watch Dogs: Not Great, Not Terrible. 0

Watch Dogs is a solid open world game that is hampered by simply being unremarkable in many areas. The much vaunted hacking system under delivers the promise of a completely fresh take on the genre, but the core gameplay is still fun enough to make Watch Dogs a decent game, even with some cut corners and somewhat repetitive mission design.Watch Dogs takes place in present day Chicago, where a government-imposed surveillance system called cTOS blankets the city and the surrounding areas, tying to...

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Fun and different, yet flawed and bland 0

Most of all, I had a lot of fun playing Watch Dogs. It’s really cool to have all so much control over the city, through your hacking abilities. A couple of examples of these are: using camera’s to view hard to access places, controlling traffic lights, raising bridges, controlling metro’s, opening gates, blowing up gas pipes. Also, there are also a lot of things to do at any given time, ranging from side-missions to collecting things. The RPG-like way of upgrading your charact...

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A solid idea hampered by familiarity 0

The security created by the smart phones and computers we have don’t necessarily make us safe. Every day, we lose our information to those willing to exploit it for secret purposes. Do you truly feel safe knowing that cameras are watching your every move? That everything is connected, thus making your privacy a mere myth? This is the concept Watch Dogs toys with. Being given the ability to hack into this type of mainframe might be overwhelming for some, as the player soon discovers while ...

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Let Slip These Dogs of Watch 1

To situate my response for you, I am a middling video game player. I've been playing video games since the days of Pong and when arcades ruled the world, but my first foray into the console market was with the PS3/360 era games. I play video games to enjoy them; I like a challenge but do not like to be frustrated by them. Having said all that, here are my thoughts on ­­Watch Dogs which I played on the PS4.The game looks good, but we haven't yet hit the promise of this generation. Nothing...

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Watch_Dogs Quick Review 0

Graphics-9/10The graphics in this game are beautiful! Sure, they aren't as good as what was promised in E3, but it still looks amazing. Gameplay-9/10Hacking stuff is fun to do. Sure, it is limited, you can really only do stuff like blow up steam pipes or disable helicopters, but its fun. So I don't care. Music-7/10The soundtrack is ehhhh-ish but I learned about 3-4 bands that I listen to sometimes now, so I'm gonna give this a 7. Story-7/10Guy kills daughter, you go after him. Pretty cliche, bu...

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Who Let The (Watch) Dogs Out? Ubi, Ubi, Ubisoft! 0

Watch Dogs was one of the first “next gen” games we ever saw, even if at the time we didn't know for sure if it was “next-gen”. At Ubisoft’s 2012 press conference Watch Dogs was the finale, the “One last thing…” moment of the conference and caught everyone’s attention. It looked fantastic and seemed to be a good sign of what the “next-gen” would be capable of. 2 years later and after a last minute delay, Watch Dogs has finally be...

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