ferginator4k's Watchmen: The End is Nigh (PC) review

A nice return to the Brawler Genre-

I'm Relatively late to the Watchmen Party having only read the book for the first time in February this year, so
the Watchmen game was looking very interesting especially since the game was a brawler.

The Plot of the game follows off a throwaway line in the Book/Movie with Rorshach and Nite Owl going after the escaped Criminal Underboss with the story presented in Watchmen Motion Comic-esque form although the story of the game really is quite lackluster.

The combat in the game is very simplistic but at the same time very brutal and entertaining to watch, players are able to play as  Either Nite Own and Rorshach each with their own fighting style and special moves.

The Graphics in the game are very high quality considering Watchmen is a downloadable game, these graphics are complimented by the games excellent Soundtrack.
The game also features Co-op but i didn't get to try that.

Overall i feel Watchmen brings the brawler genre into the Next Generation and is a step in the right direction for movie games, but suffers from the flaws of the Brawler Genre that it so faithfully recreates.


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