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Epic Weapons

Simultaneous with the discovery of Kunark, several adventurers began to speak of fabled weapons of unfathomable power.  They told tales of marathon quests that yeilded these weapons to members of each class from Bards to Warriors.  These quests would each span the world and often into the planes of the gods.  Some tasks could be completed alone, but many would require a small army of commrades to complete.  Each class' weapon is easy to spot, not just for their unique design, but because of the particle effects eminating from the weapon.  Through the hard work of many pioneers, each class' epic weapon was discovered, some easier than others.  


The Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh 

The Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh is a morning star consisting of a gold inlaid wood hilt.  This epic weapon provides the wielder with boosts to stamina, wisdom, charisma, and mana.  Most importantly though, is the sprinkler's reviving ability.  At will, a cleric holding this weapon can resurrect a fallen friend with a spell called reviviscence, which not only brings the friend back to his corpse but also returns almost all the lost experience from the death.  All clerics can cast this spell after obtaining a certain high rank in skill, but the sprinkler allows them to conserve their mana for healing.  The spiked ball of the sprinkler eternally spouts mystical blue water.   

The Epic Quest

Shmendrik Lavawalker
The cleric epic quest begins with a mysterious, red robed man named Shmendrik Lavawalker in Lake Rathetear.  Shmendrik will warn any who speak to him about the menacing goblins that live under the water.  He offers a reward for the proof of their leader's death.  After slaying Lord Begurgle, his crown can be given to Shmendrik as proof.  Upon doing so, Shmendrik reveals his true intentions by telling that without a leader, the goblins will terrorize and destroy the villages surrounding the lake, which will let Shmendrik easily burn the rest to the ground in the name of Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire.  As he laughs meniacally, a blue robed woman named Natasha Whitewater will appear to thwart Shmendrik's plans.  He will transform into an elemental to battle the Triumvirate missionary.  Natasha needs help defeating this Spirit of Flame, but after it falls the damaged goblin crown can be given to her to return to the goblins.  She offers an ornate sea shell as a token of her thanks and recommends that an Erudite named Omat Vastsea in the Timorous Deep will take great interest in it.

Omat Vastsea is a reclusive man that can be found on the paradise island located at the southern reaches of the ocean.  He is the High Priest of the Triumvirate of Water.  The element of water has not one god, but three, each representing the states in which water is found.  Omat and his missionaries defend all bodies of water throughout Norrath, and their enemies are the Plasmatic Priesthood (those devoted to Fennin Ro, the god that governs the element of fire).  Vastsea has learned that the Plasmatic Priests plan to convince the Fire Peak goblins of Lavastorm Mountains to attack the now weakened Riptide goblins of Lake Rathetear.  Vastsea explains that a seeker in the Temple of Solusek Ro will soon meet with Lord Gimblox in Solusek's Eye.  Vastsea advises to take a coral statue of Tarew Marr to the seeker.  Doing so enrages the seeker and the cleric that handed him the statue will be in great danger unless friends have accompanied him/her to the temple.  After taking his blood soaked robe as proof of death, it is off to slay Lord Gimblox himself.  Omat Vastsea will accept the robe, reward one with an Orb of Frozen Water, and advise you to give Gimblox's signet ring to Natasha, who is now in the nearby inn.

Timorous Deep
Natasha is thankful for the efforts displayed thus far, but more dangers exist in the world.  She advises to take her ornate sea shell to an Iksar missionary in the Burning Wood.  Naxot reveals that the Sarnak are attempting to summon a massive fire elemental that threatens all of Norrath.  Destroying this elemental will likely require a lot of help, but the spells and items that Ixiblat Fer carries will surely entice friends to join in the effort.  Taking Ixiblat's scepter to Omat earns one Orb of Clear Water.

After the note from Naxot is given to Natasha, she speaks of a new menace known as Zordak Ragefire.  Much like the Tarew Marr statue angered the seeker, a shimmering pearl from Natasha will reveal Zordak's true intentions.  Ragefire can be found in Nagafen's Lair only after Lord Nagafen himself is not present.  Many clerics have spent anywhere up to 90 hours waiting for Ragefire to show himself.  Even knowing where he can be found is not much help.  The fire giants that inhabited the lair return every few hours, which will require help from friends to keep them at bay.  Legend tells of one lucky Halfling cleric who spotted Ragefire just one hour after Nagafen fell.  Handing the shimmering pearl to Ragefire causes the man to transform into a powerful dragon known as Zordakalicus.  Those who are able to slay this dragon must remove his heart as proof.  The rest of the dragon's spoils can be given as rewards for those that helped obtain the heart.  The heart, given to Omat, is rewarded with the Orb of Vapor.  Omat suggests to give all three orbs to his apprentice, Jhassad Oceanson, who waits on the beach nearby.  Jhassad performs a ritual that combines the orbs into one.  By doing so, the Avatar of Water is summoned to Norrath.  Jhassad advises that the single orb must be offered to the avatar, which will decide if one is worthy of the Nem Ankh Sprinkler.

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