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The Ways of the Samurai are numerous and rewarding. 2

Way of the Samurai 3 is the latest game in a series of open-world titles set during the age of the samurai.  The story is set in a region of Japan called Amana, where conflict is brewing.  The Fujimori clan overthrew the previously ruling Sakurai clan.  Now the Fujimori rule with tyranny while those loyal to the Sakurai clan have banded together as the Ouka, amassing their own power through hooliganism.  Caught in the middle are the townspeople of Takatane, who only want to live in peace.   Aman...

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Mini Review: A samurai's journey never ends... 0

So I finally got around to playing through one of my favorite budget titles from Spike. The way of the samurai series has always been unique in the many ways it mixes RPG/action and story progression. They added a few new things in but this is pretty much the same exact game as the other ones. Lets start off with a little preview of what kind of choices you might make.You start off as a ronin samurai who has been wounded from the previous battle. A townsperson comes up to you and asks if your o...

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Way of the Samurai 3 - What Would Mifune Do? 0

      In the classic Kurosawa film Yojimbo, a lone samurai walks in to a town split apart by two warring factions that both vie for his assistance against the other side.   This concept serves as the studio for Way of the Samurai 3’s set pieces, starting off with your character wounded from battle and finding your way to a nearby village.   This is where Way of the Samurai 3 begins, a game that neither asks you to save the world or destroy it, but simply to survive and make choices. Which sound...

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