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Suzu, the innkeeper's daughter, is one of the first NPCs the player can encounter.

As in the original game, Way of the Samurai Portable tells the story of a wandering samurai who becomes drawn into a vicious power struggle between three opposing factions, each trying to seize control of a small region known as Rokketsu Pass. By interacting with members of each faction, the player can directly influence the structure of the story, and the game's overall length, as they work towards one of six endings.

At the game's core is a complex sword-fighting system, where stance, blade type/condition, and movement all play an equal part. Though primarily an action game, Way of the Samurai is as much about negotiation and politics, as it is about sword duels.


Catching an opponent off-balance is the key to a successful parry.

Though more or less a direct port of the PS2 original, some changes have been made to the control scheme, to facilitate the move to a new platform, while a moderate reduction in graphic fidelity is noticeable when the two versions are compared. No significant additions or changes have been made to in-game content.


  • Followed by a port of Way of the Samurai 2.

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