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We Ski & Snowboard is the sequel to Namco Bandai’s popular ski simulator, We Ski, for the Nintendo Wii, just ten months after its original release. Known as Family Ski & Snowboard in the UK, the game features many similar mechanics to its predecessor but also contains many new gameplay features which sets it apart.

Snowboarding will be available for the first time.

As before, the game is compatible with the Wii Balance Board, which the player can uses to steer their onscreen character, while the Wiimote and Nunchuk act as virtual ski poles, as well as a way to interact with the world and perform tricks. The Balance Board can also be use with arguably the game’s biggest new feature: snowboarding. Turning the board 90 allows the player to accurately simulate an actual snowboard, leaning backwards and forwards to steer, while the Wiimote and Nunchuk will be used in a similar way as before. The game can also be played without the Balance Board.

The Happy Ski Resort of the first game has been left behind and two brand new mountains are now available: Jamboree Snow Resort, a North American-style mountain with a good balance of open tracks, moguls, jumps, and trick obstacles such as grind rails, and Mt. Angrio, a rugged, harsh, craggy and untracked mountain range which is only assessable by helicopter. There are 7,000 vertical meters to explore and the new slopes are intended to give the player more variety, diversity and freedom than the original game. As before the player can choose whether to ski during the day, afternoon or night, with each offering their own set of challenges and visuals.

The untracked slopes of Mt. Angrio.

Many activities and missions are also carried over too, such as the photo ops and food deliveries, as well as many forms of racing, including downhill and slalom. New trick-based competitions have also been added, such as the half-pipe and rail rides. As you complete these events you unlock a variety of new appeal and equipment, which have both been greatly expanded since the first game. The game makes use of the player's own Miis, in addition to customizable anime characters created in-game. There is also an instant-replay system, which allows you to save and re-watch your recent exploits on the slopes in cinematic style. The WiiConnect24 service will enable the sharing of in-game photos taken during play.

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