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Weapon Shop de Omasse was originally part of Guild 01 in Japan under the name Rental Bukiya de Omasse. It plays with the conventions of classic JRPG settings - players take on the role of father and son who own a weapon shop and rent weapons to various heroic adventurers. It is up to them to make sure the adventurers get the appropriate weapons for their quests. If the adventurers die on their quests, the weapons will be lost which will cause financial trouble for the weapon shop. Yoshiyuki Hirai, part of the Japanese comedy group American Zarigani, is leading this project.


Weapon Shop de Omasse was part of the original Guild 01 release, but was not localized for the West until more than a year after Guild 02 was released and localized. The game's Western release was outed by the Australian Video Game Classification Board.

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