sparklepuss's Werewolf: The Last Warrior (Nintendo Entertainment System) review

Werewolf + Meat hook blade arms = 100% awesome

So the story makes no sense... well that's ok, you are a werewolf with meat hook blade arms! As a werewolf you can crawl on the ceilings, climb walls, do back flips, gut enemies with your arms, and shoot a power blast laser! The game starts off with you fighting a boss. This was ground breaking stuff for 8-bit era. Then you go off and have to jump falling boulders and avoid evil flying twigs! You fight off the classic werewolf enemies like evil plants, bats, guys with guns dressed in stylish purple jumpsuits, bald guys in lion cloths with a cod piece, slimes, and an obvious rip-off of the Juggernaut. This game is impossible to wrap your head around. Its so ridiculous it's awesome. The box art is perfect. This game should be remade immediately. I would have given it a higher score if the controls weren't a tad unresponsive at times.

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