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On the western coast of Elibe, a group of islands were home to bandits and barbarians, with seemingly little to offer to the rest of Elibe. When the Scouring broke out, the strongest of all the barbarians took his men and fought against the dragons. After the Scouring had finished, this hero returned to his homeland and established a powerful city on the island of Fibernia. Years after his death, explorers from neighboring Etruria discovered that the Western Isles were home to vast mineral wealth. The king of Etruria dispatched his army, and the Western Isles were turned into colonies for the powerful kingdom.



Leader of the barbarians on the Western Isles, he later took the name of his mighty axe Armads. During the Scouring, Durbans proved his worth as a general, and became one of the Eight Divine Generals alongside other heroes such as Roland and Hartmut. After the Scouring ended, Durbans returned to the Western Isles and settled in the city of Jutes. Centuries after his death, his spirit gave his axe to Hector of Ostia, but warned him that by taking his axe, he would be destined to die in battle.


A knight serving Durbans, his loyalty is absolute. After the death of Durbans, Kaim and his fellow knights were given the task of standing guard over his tomb, and protecting the Armads from thieves. For centuries, Kaim watched over the tomb, and only when Hector and his party arrived to claim the Armads, did Kaim have a great fight. After being defeated by Hector, Kaim remarked about how similar his strength was to Durbans, and then his spirit was put to rest.


A fighter from the Western Isles, he can't resist a good fight. During the Black Fang incident, Bartre traveled around Elibe with his friend Dorcas looking for work. When they passed through Pherae, Bartre and Dorcas enlisted into Eliwood's army, and accompanied him on the journey to find his father. Near the end of their journey, Bartre fell in love with a woman from Sacae, and soon they had a child together. Years later, Bartre journeyed through the Western Isles looking for his daughter, and helped the locals rebel against the Etrurian nobles. After the battle, he joined with Roy's army.


A warrior from the Western Isles, she leads the rebellion against the Etrurian nobles. After years of cruelty by Lord Alcard against the people of the Western Isles went unpunished, Ekhidna rallied the people and formed a rebel army against the Etrurians. With the support of the mysterious bard Elphin, the rebels scored many decisive blows against the Etrurian army. When the Lycian Alliance engaged Bishop Oro, Ekhidna joined forces with them and routed the nobles from the Western Isles.


A dancer from the Western Isles, she is a major part of the rebel army. The adopted daughter of General Douglas, he adopted her when he found her homeless in streets of Jutes. During the rebellion, she was captured by Lord Nord, and held in the dungeon of his castle. Afterwards, she helped Roy and the Lycian Alliance fight the Etrurian nobles, and then the Bern army.


A former merchant working in the Western Isles, he has recently turned to piracy. During Lord Alcard's reign over the Isles, Geese's men left the pirate ship, and started working as miners, working till each of them met their deaths. Seeking revenge, Geese fought against the Etrurian army, looking to cut down Lord Alcard. When Roy and the Lycian Alliance started fighting the Etrurians, Geese allied with Roy and helped him in his quest against Bern.


A disfigured man from the Western Isles, his grotesque appearance masks a kind soul. As a child, Gonzalez was chased away from villages due to his ugly appearance. After years of abuse, Gonzalez found refuge in the care of Scollan, and Lord Nord of Etruria. When he was ordered to burn down a village holding the rebel army, Gonzalez instead told Lilina to warn the villagers of the attack. Lilina recognized the kindness in his heart, so she asked him to join his army, which he happily did.


A fighter from the Western Isles, he is a member of Dieck's mercenary band. At the start of the war with Bern, Wade left home to make money for his family without having to go to the mines. A rash man, he loves diving head first into fights, and took great interest in fighting against Bern. After the war ended, he returned home and developed the land into sustainable farm land.


Wade's sister, she looks after her neighbor. When Lot and Wade left the Western Isles to find money, Mary promised to watch over Lot's younger sister Myu. When Elphin was attacked by the bandits and left for dead, Mary and her fellow villagers nursed him back to health. When Lot and Wade came to the village to secure them from bandits, she gave them an Swordreaver, and told them to return safely. After the war, some say that she got married to Lot...


A fighter from the Western Isles, he is a member of Dieck's mercenary band. Lot left home with his childhood friend Wade in the hopes of making money for his little sister. A cautious man, he stopped Wade and other members of the Alliance from acting rashly to put them in danger. After the war ended, Lot returned to the Western Isles, and married his neighbor.


Lot's younger sister, she retains her innocence despite the horrors of the war. A few years before the war with Bern, her mother died from illness, leaving Myu to be raised by her older brother Lot. When Lot left to raise money as a mercenary, Myu was left in the care of Mary, and together they stayed in their village. When Lot and Wade returned during the rebellion, Myu gave them a Speedwings, a memento from her mother.


A bandit from the mountain lands, he refuses to kill civilians. During the war with Bern, when Etruria was fighting against the Lycian Alliance, Garret decided to rob the villages since he believed that the soldiers were going to do so anyway. When Lilina confronted him over his actions, Garret challenged her to make life better for the people, rather than simply continuing the war. Lilina accepted the challenge by allowing Garret to see what they do on their travels, so Garret joined the army. After the war ended, Garret became a farmer and never picked up a weapon again.


The leader of a band of pirates operating out of the Western Isles, he wants the powerful Wo Dao. When Fir arrived on the island, Scott acted generous in front of her, and claimed that the Lycian Alliance were pirates coming to kill the villagers. Fir followed his orders, but was soon corrected when Noah revealed that Scott was in fact the leader of the pirates. After a hard battle, Scott and his pirates were eradicated.


A bandit in the Western Isles, he works for Lord Zinc. During the rebellion, Zinc ordered Scollan and his men to destroy the villages, so that the rebels could be flushed out easier while he dealt with the Lycian Alliance. After ordering Gonzalez to burn the villages, Scollan fought the Lycians, but was killed in action.


A bandit from the Western Isles, he got a contract with the Bern army. When Roy and the Lycian Alliance attacked Jutes, Commander Flaer of the Bern released Gerero from prison to destroy the cave housing the Armads axe. Being a naturally greedy man, Gerero postponed destroying the cave, and instead he went in it looking for treasure. When the Lycian Alliance arrived, Gerero tried to ambush them, but was defeated.


A giant living on the Western Isles, he was said to be one of the strongest men in the world. The swordsman Karel challenged Kelles to a duel, and was easily able to defeat the giant.

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