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Wet Attack, relased in 1999 by CDV, is a windows based game in which the player navigates through 3 different styles of gameplay to reach an objective.


The story follows the plight of a girl called Lula. Her home planet is being taken over by an evil monster called "Pimpetrator " and her people need help to get rid of him before they are all cast into slavery. So she sets off to our heroes' home planet to find someone to help. Our protaganist, Buck, starts off as a taxi driver in a sex-obsessed city. He stumbles upon a space ship after breaking into a police compound. Using this ship, he aims to make his way to Lula's planet to fight the Pimpetrator.


For much of the game, the graphic standard was pre-rendered 3D animation. Environments and characters would interract with each other quite fluidly, however looped animations had a habbit of looking rather repetative very quickly.

There are some Direct X based 3D elements to the game however. During flight sequences there will be moments when the ship will be attacked by Pirates. At these points the player can enter a Wing-Commander styled gameplay sequence where 3D (Polygon Based) ships will attack.


Gameplay is incredibly varied in this game for such a short story.

There are four different modes on which the game prides itself on.

First is an adventure mode, which could also be refferred to as the "story mode". Only in this mode the story unfolds and the the player must navigate Buck through areas, find buttons, people, debris and so on. At the start of the game the player finds an upgradable ship called "The Tit". For this ship the player can also emply staff members to fly the ship, handle combat, work the sick bay, and work as gigolos/prostitutes. This mode is always of a side scrolling nature and is controlled in a similar way to that of most side scollers, a left mouse click will move the player to an area, and right mouse click changes interration mode (Touch, Use, Talk etc). It is also possible for players to fly between planets to further the story.

The Second mode is Business Management. This mode has no effect on story but is included as something to occupy the players' time. This mode consists of a large room. In this room are smaller rooms filled with gigolos and prostitutes (one per room), and the main premise is that, when the players' ship has landed on a planet, the inhabitants will pay for time with these gigolos. The mode itself has some elements one wouldnt expect however. For example, it features the ability to fully customize the rooms (Like The Sims, Theme Hospital) and it also has statistics on cleanliness, diseased rooms and satisfaction of both staff and customers. This mode is of an isometric nature.

The Third mode is a full 3D mode. This mode occours when Prates attack the ship in-between space flight to and from planets. The mode itself is very basic, ships will fly toward the camera (1st person turret on ship) and will shoot. The damage incurred to the player is not immediately visible, and can only be guaged when the player exits the mode. The player simply has to click and hold the left mouse button to fire the gun to destroy enemies.

The final fourth mode is a foreplay simulator. When the player accesses this mode from a staff members profile (by clicking on them), a pre rendered Full Motion Video (FMV) appears. However, unlike most FMV's, this FMV has small boxes renered over it. Clicking inside of these boxes, not only at the correct time, but in the correct box, gives points. In the FMV the girl is usually sitting in a provocative pose, for example, with her legs open toward the player. The boxes are usually rendered on her breasts, crotch and mouth. Each box has a certain score attatched to it based on a girls likes, for example if a girl likes being kissed, using a kiss tool on her mouth will offer max points, however, repeating this over and over decreases points from that area, and the player must try something new.

Much like the Adventure mode, the player can cycle through "tools" to use on the girl with the right mouse button. These range from a tongue and a hand, to sex toys. If the player reaches a maximum amount of points within a pre-set time limit, they are treated to a FMV of the players character and the girl having intercourse.

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