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Death in a Leather Jacket 5

The B-tier of video games which once housed low-budget on-disc titles for consoles is now largely disestablished or has arguably evolved into something else entirely with the explosion of independent games over the past several years. That’s what makes something like Wet such an oddity; it’s essentially a B-tier console-only title, but it was released as recently as 2009. In Wet you play Rubi Malone, a no-nonsense, tequila-swilling specialist in wetwork, a term used to refer to assas...

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Nothing to get soiled over 1

  The female orgasm and gaming have by and large been kept two separate entities for decades. While its easy for male gamers whom have never known a kiss beyond their mother to seek arousal from a blocky Playstation-era Lara Croft and her triangular cleavage, women tend to need a bit more. The onset of force-feedback controllers and in particular that Rez vibrator thingy have given grrl gamers too ashamed to buy a real sex toy something to get themselves hot and bothered with, and now we have th...

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Wet is dripping with style... 0

Wet is dripping with style, but doesn’t always have the gameplay to back it up. You play as Rubi Malone, a  gun (and sword) for hire who gets caught up in a drug war that leaves you running around the globe.Your entire experience emulates an old exploitation film, from the heavy film grain over everything from the game’s menu to the end credits, to the campy filler sequences ripped from old theater film stock. The core of Wet is the combat system. You are encouraged to stay in an acrobatic-induc...

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Stylish yet shallow grindhouse action 0

 As the current generation of consoles continues to age and mature, many developers are striving to create experiences that are indistinguishable from Hollywood movies. Video game budgets continue to soar, award winning writers and composers are now commonplace, and the barrier of the uncanny valley has become nothing more than a slight obstacle. WET follows the same trend as other cinematically inspired games, but focuses instead on mindless over the top action with a low budget grindhouse aest...

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WET and wild Action 2

  WET sees you take on the role of fixer, and gun for hire, Rubi Malone, one of the more believable female video game characters in recent times. Over the course of the game the story takes Rubi across the globe and double crossed and left out for revenge. That’s about as deep as the story gets, which makes it all the easier for it to set up the somewhat over the top action set pieces.    Rubi Malone These set pieces make up the vast bulk of WET’s gameplay, whether it’s the intense arena styl...

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Probably not worth your time 1

WET is a very stylish action game, with some "interesting" production values. It looks like the creative people were given some free reign to take the kill bill style as far as they wanted, and one could argue they even went a little overboard here. Either way, that's something I can get past, as for the most part the whole art style, and attitude the game has is pretty cool.    Where it falls flat though unfortunately is the gameplay, the combat is for the most part made up of the same two acti...

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Who threw that barrel? 0

WET is one strange game. It is stylish and borrows lots of cool elements from other popular games. For example bullet time from Max Payne, parkour style running from Mirrors Edge and vehicular battle in moving car ala Pursuit Force. Plus tons of more. Not the most original game and I can live with that. Had this only been a fun game. The strange thing here is game manages absolutely on every form make a mess. That itself is achievement I suppose. Gameplay is on the action shooter category. This ...

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Rubi, baby, why you gotta make me hurt you? 0

I thought we had a good thing going, baby. I was blown away by the demo when you first showed up in the game WET. Okay, the swordplay was a little clunky, but I dug how you flew through the air and glided across the ground, shooting everything in your path. I loved that rockin' soundtrack containing everything from The Arkhams to The Notorious MSG. And I just absolutely loved the highway chase sequence that had you jumping from car to car, gunning down anyone foolish enough to stand in your path...

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Get WET with Rubi. You know you want to. 0

Wet is a very stylish and enjoyable third person action game... once you learn have to play it. It's not something you can jump right into, it will take some time to learn how to cause some actual damage. Just remember, your survival in the game depends on how stylish your kills are. You come packing two revolvers and a sword, and an Acrobatic Slow-Mo mechanism. You cannot progress in this game even beyond the tutorial if you don't learn how to chain these three elements together. Whenever you j...

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Simple Fun 0

Wet is a straight up fun game to play that is plagued by some hiccups. It is fun to just run around slice, shoot and kill countless people, leaving them in a bloody mess. The slow-mo stuff while gimmicky is also really fun and easy to pull off.There are a lot of moments that made me laugh in the game, even though the story is very simple, and Rubi has become one of my favorite game characters of all time. Her attitude is just one that love.  Graphically the game isn't going to blow you away. The...

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Dripping with attitude ! 0

 I´m very torn about WET. On one hand its an extremely stylish third person action game with great ideas, a superb lead character, one of the best soundtracks of the year and smooth, adrenaline pumping action. But on the other hand the game is riddled with small design errors that really detracts from the overall enjoyment of the game.  The game casts you as Rubi Malone. A hard, independent gun for hire taken direcly from a grindhouse-like, tarantino esque movie that´s not been made yet. Y...

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Meh! 0

Wet is as bland as you can get. The graphics are first gen X-Box. The controls are fiddly. The levels seem Cut & Paste, and get repetitive quickly. Talking about repetition, the music sounds like that - a lot. Maybe bearable if the music is good, but the music in this game is absolute ass droppings. Slagging off done, it can be a fun game at times, but not often enough. A rental if you're feeling really desperate....

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WET Review 0

You get to become Rubi a deadly assassin who loves to kick ass and doesn't mind being out numbered. You are a gun for hire and it is one of your jobs that gets you in the mess that you find yourself in. Looks like you should have checked references on the last job you took, but now you get to come back with a vengeance and show everyone you're no one to be mess with.Graphically this looks like a very good game. the projector effect, however, will leave you slightly motion sick after a while. You...

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Little good but a lot bad. 0

WET is a game that has a stupid name, but a cool idea just ends up failing. the idea of an old school grindhouse movie mixed with a sexy chick killing people sounds fun but just ends up being bad.  The Good The grindhouse Effect is cool it is something different and adds something to the game like when you die it gets worse and then in between levels they have these grindhouse ads which are funny and cool.The music is awesome and thats what they have something wright in this game. the sword is a...

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Half-cocked and Ready to Go. 0

  From a "value" perspective, Wet doesn't have all that much to offer. It's a pretty straightforward, 5-hour shooter with some challenge modes, collectibles, and extras to keep you busy. Of course, not every game has to have to the Wal-mart seal of approval.   Even if it's short, if a game can provide the player with a quality experience, then there's not much of a need for the game to validate itself as a "value". Unfortunately, while Wet might offer the occasional thrill, the game manage...

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Only rent this POS 0

 This game is only suitable for renting so that everyone can waste their time playing it through a couple of times just to come away feeling completely unsatisfied and all agree that a whole bunch of people took a bad idea and through diligent effort made it worse in every way. Short story, Activision gave this project the axe when it was half finished because its developers wasted far too much time and money producing a game spawned from a creatively bankrupt concept with nothing but a Post Pun...

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Oh, wetwork. Geddit? 0

 Taking inspiration from classic grindhouse movies, WET’s fairly unique visual style is mixed together with some slow-motion based gun combat that’s vaguely similar to both Max Payne and Stranglehold in its execution. Sadly, though, it’s a case of style over substance as the gameplay quickly becomes tedious, instead relying on its grindhouse presentation to hold interest until the very end. The Tarantino-esque story follows female protagonist Rubi Malone, a ruthless assassin with a penchant for...

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'Excess' Isn't a Strong Enough Word 0

 Bethesda Software is known far and wide for its incredibly deep, varied and story-driven games.  Just so you know, their latest offering - WET - fits into none of these categories.  As a matter of fact, WET fits into a strange, almost paradoxical subset of games that can be categorized as fun but not necessarily good.    Based on the exploits of femme fatale Rubi Malone, WET seems like some kind of ridiculously over-the-top B-movie that you’d accidentally watch on USA at 2 a.m. after a Taco Bel...

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Van Redd Reviews: Wet 0

Wet is an interesting game. It is not going to win Game of the Year on anyone's list. It is not going to revolutionize the industry. It is not going to be remembered years form now as a hallmark or watershed title that broke boundaries. What WET does, and does well, is put you into a pseudo sequel to Grind House. If you are the type to enjoy this is going to be determined by a number of factors.Major Issue 1) The grainy filter over the screen may be a deal breaker for some. It never bothered me ...

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WET drys up like a puddle of water.......... 0

Wet The only thing that could save this game is if Eliza Dushku came over to my house and sat on the couch next to me while I played it. I was excited about this game for a while, but when I started playing I could tell that it was going to be one of those games that I had to force myself to like. All of the elements and cool ideas are there, but the controls simply do not work, and this ruins the game. First off the buttons rarely ever react when they are supposed to. I noticed this several ti...

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Better than Expected 0

 In the annals of really lame game names, this is rather high on the list. A third person shooter that seems to take quite a bit of inspiration from Stranglehold, WET is a game that has definitely been on people's radar for a while. There are some major names providing the voices and the hype for this game was, at one point, fairly high --- though it seems Bethesda has lost faith in the project as they have basically abandoned WET to die on the vine.You play Rubi in a game that has been c...

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Short and a bit repetitive, but theres fun to be had. 0

 Wet puts you in the shoes of Rubi Malone, voiced by Elisha Dushku and she does a pretty good job I might add. Rubi is a gun for hire and throughout the game you'll put said guns to good use.You have other weapons at your disposal but you can get through the entire game relying solely on the pistols with which you start and they have unlimited ammo, so why wouldn't you?While most games with dual wielded weapons still force you to shoot one target at a time, Wet allows you to take two - at ...

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Repetitive. If you've played the demo, you've played the game. 0

Might have a spoiler in this review about a weapon Rubi has, and the lack of being able to use it.  Don't read on if that sort of thing bothers you.  Wet really tries to hit it's tone and attitude down pretty hard.  It does a good job of that, with both the voicework, gritty film layer, outrageous actions sequences and a fitting soundtrack.  It's enjoyable for a short while, with some of the acrobatic moves being a genuine thrill to pull off... but the novelty of them run out far too quickly.  I...

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WET loses it's indentity in a cloud of action game staples 0

  Meet Rubi Malone It’s hard to talk about WET without talking about Max Payne, Devil May Cry, Stranglehold, or a half-dozen other action shooters for that matter, simply because it borrows so heavily from it’s predecessors in the genre. As WET’s heroine, Rubi Malone (voiced by Dollhouse‘s Eliza Dushku), you’ll find yourself shooting and slicing through endless waves of fodder in the name of vengeance. What could make Rubi so angry, you ask? Oh well being set-up and nearly killed by her forme...

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