bizsumpark182's WET (Xbox 360) review

Simple Fun

Wet is a straight up fun game to play that is plagued by some hiccups. It is fun to just run around slice, shoot and kill countless people, leaving them in a bloody mess. The slow-mo stuff while gimmicky is also really fun and easy to pull off.

There are a lot of moments that made me laugh in the game, even though the story is very simple, and Rubi has become one of my favorite game characters of all time. Her attitude is just one that love. 
Graphically the game isn't going to blow you away. There are some things that are pretty cool to look at, but the majority of the game is relatively typical looking. However, the film grain saves this somewhat, at least for me it did. For others the film grain may be annoying. Also, the stylized rage mode that pops up every other chapter gives you something interesting to look at every once in a while.
 Audio is hit and miss. While the soundtrack is fantastic, some of the voice work is meh at best. Rubi is great, but the rest of the cast is a bit take it or leave it.

The game does become repetitive, but the game is short enough that this doesn't become too much of an issue. That is, as long as you are smart and rent the game or at least don't spend more then, lets say, $30 on the game. 

Overall, I had a lot of fun with the game and would suggest that those who like bloody, action games give this one a go as a rental or cheap buy.    


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