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Where is my Heart? or WIMH? is a PS Mini puzzle platformer released on PlayStation Network in November 2011 for PlayStation 3 and PSP. The game comes from the mind of Bernhard Schulenburg who says it's based on a fateful Sunday hike during his childhood where he and his parents got lost in a forest. This resulted in them having to face each other's negative personality traits, and the game is supposed to be his "clumsy attempt to come to an understanding with himself and his parents as a family".

A tribute to video games of the late 80's, WIMH is essentially a puzzle platformer with an 8-bit art style, however the levels are cut up into different chunks or slices and jumbled around the screen. Where in a standard platformer walking from left to right makes the character walk across the screen, in WIMH the characters walks from one 'slice' into another and could end up anywhere on the screen. The purpose of this is to emphasize the game's main theme of being lost and slowly finding your way around.

In the glade, there grew a tree.

Merry, Merry king of the woods was he.

Deep in his heart hid he monsters, three.

Dark secrets had this family.

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