Wow. Has anyone else been playing WIMH?

#1 Posted by bibamatt (1088 posts) -

This is incredible... I just picked this up from the PSN store. Totally amazing 8-bit graphics with gorgeous art assets and mind bending puzzle/platform gameplay (Think Braid, echochrome, Fez). I noticed a few sites kicking up a fuss about this release, thus me picking it up. I previously had a bit of a preconception about Playstation Mini's, but this was a real nice surprise. I guess if it meant they got a simultaneous release on the PSP store, then fair play for selling it as a Mini. If you have the same Mini preconceptions as me, put them aside and try this game. It's free (until the 7th) for PS Plus folk.

#2 Posted by JackSukeru (5912 posts) -

I youtube'd it. Looks neat but...confusing.

#3 Posted by jakob187 (21671 posts) -

Looks pretty rad. Too bad I don't own a PS3 or PSP.

#4 Posted by bibamatt (1088 posts) -

I think that trailer makes it seem more confusing than it actually is. The first few levels walk you through the systems it uses incredibly well, without holding your hand or being patronising. Just dusting off my PSP so I can play this away from the TV.

#5 Posted by Catolf (2653 posts) -

i just downloaded it myself from ps+

#6 Posted by BRich (437 posts) -

I must play this. Braid is possibly my favorite game of all time.

#7 Posted by BoG (5191 posts) -

I've been waiting for this game's release for a little bit now. I love the style, and I just can't resist. After playing for a while, I love it. The frames mess with your head, but that's cool.

#8 Posted by Neezie (118 posts) -

I really like it. Try playing a normal platformer after playing this, your brain won't know what to do.

#9 Posted by Emiel (607 posts) -

Yup bought it off of PSN for 4,99 euros. It's great. Perfect for a handheld.

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