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Indie games rarely get this good. 0

Don’t let the minis classification detract you from paying attention to this gem of a game. It could be the best PSN release of the year. You’ve likely never played anything like it. It challenges a part of your brain that other games rarely do.The objective is to collect hearts throughout the level and then reach the exit. The entire level is visible on the screen. The unique and challenging part is that the level is chopped up and the various sections of the level are scattered like parts of a...

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Critical look at Where is my Heart? 0

Someone who has soft spot for pixelated indie puzzle platformers the premises here sure sounds good. Add to the fact there isn't really another game with similar gameplay idea out there. Sure plenty of puzzle platformers, but not in the same way as this.Objective is simple, collect hearts and find an exit. Where this gets tricky is that the game screen is divided into small sections like a comic book strips. Except that the panels are not in order. Meaning go left of a panel might up ending up p...

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