What's up with the game?

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I mean, where is it? I cannot even figure out if it has been cancelled, released or delayed. It looks awesome, and I would like to get my hands on it. 
Do anyone know anything?

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I've never even heard of the game before. When was it announced?

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This game is still stuck in limbo. :( 
It got released in Russia October 2008 but no sign of a international version.  I've given up hope since Deep Shadows don't even post on their own forums anymore. 
I liked Boiling Point, while the shooting was horrible and driving average, it's still fun. It had no loading between zones and helicopters etc. aren't scripted like in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Also, the RPG elements are handled quite well and missions are varied.

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Damn it; I lost!

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@MrCellophane: That's pretty cool. The dialogues don't seem to be translated though, which is no fun.

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