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What Begins As A Fun, Customizable RPG Quickly Turns Dull 0

White Knight Chronicles is not a bad game. The graphics and gameplay are perfectly serviceable, and the customization options are great, especially for a Japanese RPG. The real problem with WKC is that developer Level 5 has failed to connect these elements in any meaningful or engaging way, making for a game that feels very inconsequential and yes, forgettable. As sad as it is to say, this game is not worth the long wait or the full asking price of sixty dollars, especially in this crowded marke...

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17/04/10 White Knight Chronicles 0

                                                                White Knight Chronicles I had picked this game up off eBay for $20 bucks, and I thought that it wouldn't be too disappointing considering the price I paid for it. I was wrong.    Just a note before I start my criticism though. I am a huge Japanese RPG fan. My obviously-broken brain finds cliched stories, bland game play and teenage heroes amazingly awesome. So when I say that White Knight Chronicles is bad, I am judging it as a fan...

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Dissapointment sadly 0

 Level-5 has been praised from their amazing video gaming RPG Library from PS2 To portable platforms all the way to their first game hyped up years ago to the infamous year 2006 all the way to its initial year 2008, japan gamers got their hand on it while maintaining a very very good sales average it did get so so reviews, but us Americans, Europeans and everyone state side can finally get their hands on it, hands on the superior version *White Knight Chronicles International Edition*!! T...

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Tired of story 0

I actually looked forward to this game the first time I saw the trailer some 3-4 years ago, now that its out I'm disappointed  Story: could of been so much better, there was so many holes and the pacing was so off. Poor kid gets white knight and is set on a mission to save the princess thats about it and they still managed to mess it up with bad pacing and random surprises  Gameplay: Think FF12 but slower, FF12 lets the character you control go automatic, in this your force to put in the command...

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A solid, modern JRPG 0

White Knight Chronicles is a long-awaited RPG for the PS3 from Level 5. Having been announced around 5 years ago, some wondered if it would ever come out, and even then the question of American availability came into question. Well, there’s no doubt about it now; White Knight Chronicles is here, and the only question now is whether or not it’s any good. The answer may surprise you.   The story in White Knight Chronicles starts off, and remains relatively cliche. Nothing about it jumped out at me...

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White Knight review 0

White Knight Chronicles: Review      With the International Version now being released 14 months after its original release in Japan and a sequel already announced in development will this knight shine overseas despite the wait or has the rust already started to set.      The story is a JRPG at its simplest, princess gets kidnapped by an evil secret organization, therefore you, the simple peasant boy somehow end up being the only one able to wield a mighty weapon that can turn the tide of a...

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Killed by Cliche 0

As the title of this review suggests White Knight Chronicles is not one of my preferred games. It is a game with several problems, the most obvious of which is that its story is so hackneyed that only the most neophyte of gamers would fail to see the "twists". Beyond that there are problems with the childish nature of the characters and the dire dialogue and the fact that it's almost painfully easy to play.  Given that run down you might ask why as high as two stars? It's a fair question. Well t...

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