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Whitebeard was abnormally tall man nearly three times taller than a normal sized human.He wears a long white captain coat and a black bandana covers his head.As all of his crew Whitebread also has Whitebeard Pirates tatoo at his back and lot of cars at his chest.

Powers & Abilities

Devil Fruit

Whitebeard was the user of Gura Gura No Mi ''Tremor Tremor Fruit''.Gura Gura No Mi is the strongest Paramecia fruit and cabable of destroying the earth.Gura Gura No Mi allows the user to create strong vibrations that can travel though ground, seefloor and air.


Whitebeard used a long polearm called bisento in his battles.Whitebeard also powers up his bisento with his Devil Fruit powers to made it more powerful.


Kenbunshoku Haki

With this Haki Whitebeard was able to saw Ace's attempts to kill him and countered them easyliy

Busoshoku Haki

Whitebeard can negate Logia Type Devil Fruits with this Haki.He defeated Ace and Crocodile with this way

Other Powers and Abilities

He was strong enough to over power giants like Vice Admiral Ronse.He also had a strong durability as he received 267 sword injuries, 152 gun wounds, 46 cannon wounds and he still didn't fall in his death

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