Announcing GB Windjammers Gym!

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Based on a little interest in another forum post for this game, I went ahead and founded a MiiVerse community for Giant Bomb users who are having a go at Wii Fit U. It's region locked to NA (not sure if South America is included) so there might need to be an EU/AU gym at some point as well.

GB Windjammers: 6927-9904-9111

Who knows what sort of nonsense might be spawned from this? Guess you'll have to join up (and eventually find yourself a Wii Fit Meter) to find out! Let's do this thing!

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That sounds fun! I dont have a Wii U but if there was some sort of way for you guys to interact with each other as if you were in a gym that would be cool.

#3 Posted by Wampa1 (831 posts) -

@jeffrud: Anyone still using the community? Just picked the full set up for £20 to teach myself some basic forms after a year of just running and vary things up.

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