Impressions so far?

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So i just got done trying out Wii Fit U for the first time and i came away pretty impressed. As someone who could appreciate the original as a tool for motivating yourself to get fit i thought this one went another step further and actually added a lot of genuinely fun games. New balance games like the waiter and rock climbing games were super cool and since they don't make you have to wait to unlock activities, just difficulties, there just feels like a ton more content than the original.

Also, side note, miis have limbs now! And they look so weird, like a hybrid mii/xbox avatar.

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Loving it so far. Glad I grabbed a black balance board a month ago off eBay :D

The scuba diving game makes me pumped for a new Endless Ocean title.

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I lost 5 lbs the first time time I used it.

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I wonder if there is enough interest in the GB community to create a Gym Community? It's a pretty stellar game.

#5 Posted by pnevares (92 posts) -

Also, side note, miis have limbs now! And they look so weird, like a hybrid mii/xbox avatar.

Can you explain what you mean by that? I don't remember miis not having limbs, especially in Wii Fit.

#6 Posted by Thoseposers (860 posts) -

@pnevares: ah i was wrong it appears, i was thinking of the miis in the mii plaza on the 3ds, they just have ball hands and no limbs.

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@spinthelights: I'd be willing to start one if there are others interested.

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