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If you stick with it, Wii Fit can work in an engaging way. 0

So, it's here. The bright, shining future we had all been waiting for. Games designed, not to be played by sitting on a sofa casually clicking buttons, but by actually engaging in some form of exercise. Or, is it? At heart, Wii Fit is really an extremely simple collection of various balance mini-games and physical exercises, but in reality it manifests itself as something slightly greater than the sum of its parts. If you take it seriously, are in for the long run and use it as intended, Wii Fit...

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Get off the couch and break a sweat! 0

Here we have another title aimed for the casual crowd.  Nintendo's scheme to get anyone from soccer moms to your elders playing Wii has worked so far, so why not another go at this market?  Wii Fit is Nintendo's latest non-traditional game; a title that will interest many, but will turn others off at the same time.  In order to properly describe Wii Fit, it is important that I not only discuss the gameplay elements, but also examine how useful it is as a fitness tool. When I first turned on Wii ...

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The Nintendo Gym 1

Being one of those stereotypical overweight gamers with pale skin and a fear of the outside world, I have always been interested in the Nintendo Wii as an aid to general fitness and as a weight loss tool. I have read a few articles on-line about similar gamers using Wii Sports, and now Wii Fit, to lose weight and tone up their shameful looking bodies and it all seemed very promising. Have fun and become buff in the comfort of your home? Sounds good to me!I have now been 'playing' Wii Fit for abo...

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Yes it is good for you... but is it good fun? 0

Wii Fit Review.posted: 05/31/2008 Wii FitPLATFORM (Wii)PUBLISHER (Nintendo)PRICE $90ESRB RATING (E for Everyone)PLAYERS (1-2)I keep getting asked how much fun Wii Fit is, and I keep giving the same answer; Wii Fit has a good bit of fun, but that is not exactly the point of the game.Wii Fit is a tool for fitness above anything else. It is meant to be played daily as an addition to your fitness regiment. It is not a replacement for a healthy diet or going to the gym, and it is not a "game". ...

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Well from the release of the wii and its inclusion of wii sports there was great interest in the possibility of a solution to the ‘video games make kids fat’ debates raging on I’m sure both in America as here in the UK, But those industrious little fellows seem to have that covered with wii fit, the compendium of mini games which are designed to show just how unfit you actually are. The “game” starts off by giving you a fitness and balance test, weighs you and then asks you to set a goal which ...

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Not a workout, but it is good for a laugh 0

First and foremost, Wii Fit is a video game, not a workout video. If you're looking for a game to help you lose weight or get in shape, you should be looking at Yourself! Fitness for the original Xbox. Wii Fit will get you off of the couch, but only in short bursts.There are various exercises that you can perform in Wii Fit - from Yoga to muscle to cardio to balance games. No matter which group you select, you can only perform one exercise at a time. The problem here, is that, instead of being a...

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Wii fit review. 0

Wii fit is a game which you can safely assign the title 'completely unique'. Nintendo brought us a whole new take on things when they release the wii, now they add to that with the innovative wii balance board. On the balance board you perform simple (easier said than done!) exercises to improve your fitness, balance, posture and muscular strength. You can do various activities, for example: ski slalom, yoga poses, hula hoop and even attend a step class! But before you even get onto these, you t...

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It dosn't exactly make excerise fun but it isn't far off 0

Wii Sports introduced us to the Wii Mote and Nunchuck, The Legend of Zelda: Links Crossbow Trainng introduced us to the Wii Zapper, and now Wii Fit introduces us to a fine piece of technology The Balance Board. The game was hyped for quite sometime about it being the perfect mix of fun and excerise. is the game just a bunch of posturing, or is there some real muscle behind it?The Wii Balance Board is shaped like a household body scale, with a plain white top and light grey bottom. It uses four ...

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Wii Fit - good clean fun 0

Wii fit is another new inovative idea straight from Nintendo. The idea is that by using the Wii Balance board you can do regular exersizes to improve your posture, strength, or just to keep fit! The game seems to flow well and with the help of your coach, it's easy to get drawn into the many minigames and unlockable features throughout this game.You can also set yourself goals to achieve and when to achieve them by. As with many Wii and DS fitness games there is also a feature of your Wii Fit ag...

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You get out what you put in. 0

Wii Fit it does what it is intended to do if you use it. The exercise are varied and they do work. You have have a large enough selection of mini games/ exercises that you can rotate excercies to prevent bordom. The tracking programs in Wii Fit are useful. Keeping track of your weight and the amount of exercies you do each day. Wii fit doesn't have a large amount of depth but for someone who needs to lose weight and want something they can use at home Wii Fit provieds everything you will need to...

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