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Wii fit review.

Wii fit is a game which you can safely assign the title 'completely unique'. Nintendo brought us a whole new take on things when they release the wii, now they add to that with the innovative wii balance board. On the balance board you perform simple (easier said than done!) exercises to improve your fitness, balance, posture and muscular strength. You can do various activities, for example: ski slalom, yoga poses, hula hoop and even attend a step class! But before you even get onto these, you take a small test to measure your BMI and your Wii Fit Age. To get your Wii fit age, it uses balance tests and your actual age combined which I didn't really think was accurate. How can simple balance tests prove your fitness? I expected some jogging or something along those lines. Another minor problem I found with Wii Fit is it's repetitiveness. There are many minigames, varying from 1-10 minutes long, but after 10 plays or so, they become a bit shallow. Although, they still keep me hooked trying to beat my family and friends which are also programmed into it. Which brings me onto another little pleasant suprise. You can have up to 8 people's data stored on it, compared to normal games normally giving you about 4 data slots so that made me happy because I can programme my friends into it now too. :) Overall, I think it's a very cleverly designed game which brings lots of fun and fitness! Although apparently i gained 3 pounds straight after christmas dinner...


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