Looks like Europe is getting the bad end of the deal as usual...

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The recommended retail price of one individual M+ unit is (according to the regional Amazon sites) are:

  • Japan: 1.500 Yen (about 15 dollars
  • United States: 19,99 Dollars
  • Europe: 19,90 Euros (About 28 Dollars)
  • UK: 24,99 Pounds (about 40 Dollars)

Nothing odd here unfortunately.... As a small consolation for those who live in the UK amazon appears to be selling them at 15 Pounds at the moment: link
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Hm...we'll probably get them here (latin america) for around $50 >_<.

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20 euro's isnt so bad.

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Prices in Europe are always converted like that. The value is never taken in account, they only convert the $ into symbol into E.

Sucks for the UK though, that's over the top. Did the pound rebound recently making the previously "adjusted" prices so ludicrous?

Anyway, bundles are the way to go. Waiting for Wii Sports Resort myself, not too convinced about EA's titles yet.

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Good points well made. Obviously a package with a game is going to be better practical value.

I'm hoping the reviewing community do a better job this year of guiding my purchases - last year's Tiger Woods on Wii barely got reviewed anywhere on the net.

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Sorry, just looked around Amazon, and it seems that Grand Slam tennis is £28 without an accessory, and £45 with one. It's cheaper than the £25 quoted above, but more expensive than the £16 quoted in the OP.

So in the UK at least it doesn't seem like it necessarily is better value to buy it packaged with a game. Don't want to mislead anyone - hope I've made that clear.

I've also realised of course that all the packages are for one controller only. To get 2 (which I need) plus any game is going to cost about £60 at best, which is bad news. The media ought to start calling out Nintendo on this point - I'm fed up of hearing that the Wii is the cheap console.

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