1UP Wii Music review!

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As in this game is not actually good, but very good.

#2 Posted by Endogene (5183 posts) -

Wow that is quite surprising i was picking it up anyway but now at least i can look forward in doing so.

#3 Posted by Snail (8827 posts) -

I guess I'm gonna pick this up, (even if I don't my sister will).

#4 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8663 posts) -

Wow, I didn't realize this game was actually going to be any good.  Still not going to get it though.  Only GH and RB for me.

#5 Posted by Vinchenzo (6464 posts) -

Does the guy who played the drums at E3 come with the game?

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Vinchenzo said:
"Does the guy who played the drums at E3 come with the game?"
That would make it even more expensive than it is now.
#7 Posted by Dalai (7850 posts) -

I am shocked and horrified at this review.  Wii Music good?  Nothing in life makes sense.

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I am not too surprised by this score, but it means nothing to me because of who scored the game.

#10 Posted by banned8921 (1374 posts) -

The only reviewer I trust is Greg Kasavin.

#11 Posted by OmegaPirate (5642 posts) -

Man - it may just be me - but i really cant see how the terms 'A-' and 'Wii music' Came into the same sentance-  nothing is real - life is a lie

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Kush said:
"I am not too surprised by this score, but it means nothing to me because of who scored the game."
A girl?
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Okay, the first three words of the following post is going to piss a lot of you off, but here goes:

AS A MUSICIAN, I actually feel like trying Wii Music. Sure, it's not as much of a game as Rock Band, which I also enjoy, but it does seem like it could be a lot of fun. When you play with other people, you get what you put in. Music doesn't fall out of your ass. The same can probably be said of Wii Music. Try to have fun, and you will.

Also, I'm a musician, so my word is God on this subject.
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oh, the humanity!!!

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SolemnOaf said:
"oh, the humanity!!!"
That's coming out in a few months. Wii Humanity? God game.
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I would rather kill myself. *Relys wispers in his own ear, "That can be arranged mwahaha"*

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Don't do it Relys, please.  Think about the children.  All those dumb, dumb children who are growing up playing Wii without the knowledge that they, could they have only been lucky enough to be born 15 years earlier, could have actually played good Nintendo games. 

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I'm sorry, that was totally uncalled for Willy105.  It's just, A-, I mean come on, what kind of quality standard is that? 

I'm really, really looking forward to hearing some honest impressions from the forums on Wii Music, because I've heard some, and they weren't good, so I'd like to hear an actual person exclaiming Wii Music's virtues in a thread sometime.  I promise not to troll all over it either, at least if I can help myself.  More and more I find myself not trusting anyone's opinion on games unless it's from a genuinely unbiased person, which pretty much only happens on forums, if at all anymore.

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