Out in Japan

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Guess it wont be long before we finally find out how that game really is.

EDIT: why would you post in this thread if you do not care for the wii or are not interested in this game? Lets keep this on topic.

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First impressions are in, mixed feelings for the moment. Most of the reactions i have heard of say it is either bad while others say it is fun.
Guess that is what is to be expected of a game that does not focus the core audience.

Anyway tough luck for those who were planning on importing it and playing it on datels freeloader (which has been made useless with update3.3) wii music contains a new update. Also for those who own a Jap Wii and who dont speak japanese it might be a better idea to wait for the english release, the game is pretty text heavy (in the beginning at least).

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I do not like Wii !!!!! I dunno why

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Is there any form of challenge to it? Or is it indeed just a toy? And how are the drums?

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zitosilva said:
"Is there any form of challenge to it? Or is it indeed just a toy? And how are the drums?"
Since the people i know are playing the JAP version and dont know any japanese they are having problem with operating every instrument.
I'll go and check tomorrow morning what their thought are on it.

For now it looks like it is more like a toy than a challenge but this is i am sure partialy due to the fact that no one has any idea about how every the game  works.

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