jasondesante's Wii Music (Wii) review

Wii Music Changed My Life

This is one of the most underrated games of all time.

I've been able to help myself improvise jazz better because of Wii Music. The beauty in this game is its ability to let you directly apply known concepts from real music playing, instrument playing, feeling of playing in a group and the thinking processes behind it all.

The only way to get every human being to understand the beauty in all music and naturally be able to play everything in the game is to think about our tribal backgrounds. All music started from tribes beating on drums making rhythms together singing and beating things.

Rhythmic input. You don't need pitch, thats for fancy music people. Thats what Guitar Hero and Rock Band got wrong all along from the start.

The genius is when they decided to have someone play the piano like it was a drum, and the software recognizes the rhymic phrases and makes phrases around your rhythms.

As a musician, this game changed my life.

I was able to think about rhymic phrasing and test out ideas and ways of elaborating ideas just like as if I was soloing playing the blues or some jazz or whatever I was jamming over, on piano or guitar (my instruments). One of the most important things I was told by Paul Gilbert about improvising solos and keeping things fresh and genuine is to have a good understanding of natural elaborations of rhymic phrases and to develop a good rhymic vocabulary, if you can call it that.

Basically a lot of things (the secrets if you will) the best musicians in the world have to say about improvising are literally the exact same things they are trying to teach you in this game.

and hardly anyone appreciated it. It was bashed by critics who obviously didn't listen to sebastian tute.

I'm not even going to talk about every single detail in this game, theres so much if I go into real detail I can spend a month on this review.


Instrument Impov Mode. You pick an instrument, start playing and then a band starts playing to what you started with and a jam session starts and all of a sudden youre grooving, and soloing and making changes and you command what the band does.

Its the best piece of software I've ever experienced. How they pulled that off is pure magic!!

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