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Making your own music 0

I need to do more research on the subject. For my family, Wii Music has been a wonderful breath of fresh air. My siblings are almost all grown, but also musicians. I never got that talent.Today, my Sister and I did a song together. We used almost all vocals, except for the Japanese drum. This might seem weird at first, the music was beautiful. Part of it was simply the combination of a 4 part vocal group with a taiko (I am going to bet that Taiko means drum in Japanese, so I really shouldn't say...

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Nintendo calls you stupid again 1

Wii Music : Apparantly, the next big thing.Story : No story applicable. Other than “this game was a freaking joke when it was presented at E3 in all it’s hairy glory.” But despite all that, Nintendo continued to proclaim that this was their big holiday game of 2008. Wii Music was going to follow in the footsteps of the absurdly popular Wii Sports, Wii Play and Wii Fit, whether we liked it or not. Well, the former two only became such unusual hits because of how they were bundled with hardware an...

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Makin' music with your Wii 0

So it’s finally here. The game that Nintendo of America has pushed mercilessly for the latter half of 2008, stating that they “still had games coming out” in an attempt to assure the hardcore Nintendo fans that they weren’t going to be left high and dry after most of the “big” releases had already come out. Now, some people could say that Wii Music had one of the worst debuts in E3 history, and the awful promoting and marketing on Nintendo’s half certainly hasn’t helped the situation for trying ...

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If you enjoyed shaking your rattle as a baby, you'll like this. 0

Lately, the word Nintendo has almost become synonymous with thinking outside of the box.  First they released Wii Sports to the glee of consumers, which played a major role in increasing the size of the casual market.  Next came Wii Fit, which also sold like hotcakes despite having a ninety dollar price tag.  These unique gameplay concepts appealed to people, because they could partake in non-strenuous physical activity in the comfort of their home.  Pick up and play games have become increasing...

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Wii Music Changed My Life 0

This is one of the most underrated games of all time.I've been able to help myself improvise jazz better because of Wii Music. The beauty in this game is its ability to let you directly apply known concepts from real music playing, instrument playing, feeling of playing in a group and the thinking processes behind it all.The only way to get every human being to understand the beauty in all music and naturally be able to play everything in the game is to think about our tribal backgrounds. All mu...

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