Hide Your Remotes, It's Time for a Wii Party

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#51 Posted by Bobinator (11 posts) -

Could be a fun game to play with friends, i hope it is

#52 Posted by Rastapasta (43 posts) -


#53 Posted by pigeoncamera (4 posts) -

It's about time somebody made a party game for the Wii!

#54 Posted by UberGeekyGirl (18 posts) -

Looks okay. *shrug* I'd play it but my parents would never do this.

#55 Posted by aidop@yahoo.com (2 posts) -

Seem novel, even so long after the consensus has been that Wii's novelty has worn off. Goes to show, don't doubt Nintendo when they put their considerable mind to it.

#56 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1539 posts) -

WTF is that young chick wearing on her knees?  Gawd, Nintendo has the worst commericals and trailers besides that stupid marcus kid.

#57 Posted by onigreed (5 posts) -

Ok, the casting of ad is closes to my dream of a  stepford family movie.

#58 Posted by Nibi (19 posts) -

If someone hides Wii remotes in my house, I will never see them again.

#59 Posted by TigerDX (345 posts) -

Those people gray-imported the Japanese version. For shame. The poor US distributors get nothing.

#60 Posted by Swifdemon (101 posts) -

This thing's shameful.

#61 Posted by wsowen02 (327 posts) -

So how many months will this game spend in the NPD top 10?
#62 Posted by InfamousBIG (3235 posts) -
@sins_of_mosin said:
" WTF is that young chick wearing on her knees? 
That was my fist reaction, too.
#63 Posted by gungrave45 (125 posts) -

endurance run?

#64 Posted by Junior_AIN (204 posts) -

They should stop putting these happy families playing their games in commercials, I kinda hoped for a Mario Party-like game while reading but that video is just argh! I don't like Miis, I find them weird and stupid, I kinda wish this was with Nintendo characters.

#65 Posted by PRIF (1 posts) -

I still remember getting a blister on the palm of my hand after playing the first Mario party back in the day.  It was totally worth the pain though because I won the match... Well now that I think about it... NO it wasn't worth a damn thing and I was a dumb ass. I guess it's true, we do grow wise with age :)  Anyway,  Wii party looks like lots of fun. 

#66 Posted by Meowayne (6084 posts) -
@Junior_AIN said:
" They should stop putting these happy families playing their games in commercials"
Why? It is the smartest thing they have ever done in their entire career. It is marketing brilliance. Take videogames as far away from "videogames" and "scary" as possible to the point of almost being a caricature. This formula made them millions.
#67 Posted by Junior_AIN (204 posts) -
@Meowayne: If you only look at it as a marketing move it's brilliant, I generally don't. These families scare me, so it's still scary. 
#68 Posted by Meowayne (6084 posts) -

Yes, but you are most probably not part of the audience that needs TV spots to inspire you about video game or video game gift purchases.

#69 Posted by Shindiggah (350 posts) -

this is looking a lot more interesting than I had originally pegged it to be. Cant wait for the review.
#70 Posted by Lab392 (321 posts) -

Ain't no party like a Wii Party.

#71 Posted by hexfield (8 posts) -

This family has convinced me.  Where do I sign?

#72 Posted by reddragon19k (24 posts) -

Now that's a game! I'm getting that sooner or later!

#73 Posted by punk_beatzUK (29 posts) -

The families they use for Nintendo ads and the celebrities endorsing them are so bloody cheesy! Hey, nothing wrong with a close-knit family having fun, but sometimes I think Nintendo TV ads are only a few small steps shy of full-blown console-based incest!

#74 Posted by tremayne (32 posts) -

No more... please

#75 Posted by Wonloong (380 posts) -

I wish my family was this happy all the time.

#76 Posted by afrofools (1336 posts) -

The girl on the left is wearing the new XBOX colours >:)

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