razr95's Wii Play (Wii) review

Fun and amazing

Game play: I have never liked mini games before even tough this game is not gonna last more than an hour its so much fun all the mini games use the wii remote very well. If you buy a wii get this game to see what the wii remote can do i spent 2 hours on this game and i liked it. The free remote is a great deal to come with the game.

Graphics: The graphics are fine the colors are amazing i was satisfied with the special effects and the visuals.

Sound: This game has cool music and sounds its great fo mini games.

Overall: This game is simply amasing and if you want to pay a controller just get this with the game it will save money and the game will keep you entertained for a while.

This game is a must buy.

I dont know why wii sports was popular when this game has plenty of games to offer and this game got a average of 5.0 scores out of 10.


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