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Wii Play Review

Wii Play comes with a Wiimote for an extra $10. Now a lot of critics have been bashing it as a simple tech demo, and if it didn't come with with the extra wiimote, it couldn't be sold as a game. I disagree. I would buy it if it was a stand-alone game (but at like 30 bucks.) I think that it is a good game.

Wii Play has 9 games. Shooting Range is a few stages of different things to shoot at. Like ballons, UFO's, tin cans, targets, frissbee-like things, and occasionally ducks. This game is one of my favorites, and is keeping me amused until the inevitable release of Duck Hunt on the Virtual Console, (come on NIntendo.) Find Mii is basically hide is basically like a Find-it Book. It has you looking for pairs of Miis, the Mii who is walking the fastest,the Mii you're using etc. In Table Tennis you move the Wiimote side to side and hit the ball as it comes to you. When you play this by yourself, you try to get an 100 rally. If you play with a friend, you play a game to 11. Mii Pose is probbably my least favorite game. You hit A and B to change the position your Mii is in and you twist the Wiimote to make them twist, then you put them in the bubble. It gets old fast. Laser Hockey is llike Pong but with expanded gameplay strategies. You can twist the Wiimote to change the angle of the shot and you can move it over fast to hit it harder. In single-player you play to see who gets the most points in a few seconds. In two-player you play to 8. Pool is probbably my favorite. You you aim at the the cue ball, hold B, pull back, and thrust the Wiimote forward. I have 2 problem with this game though.1. Sometime when you thrust the Wiimote forward you swing up by accident and nothing happens. 2. If you are hitting in a ball when you are really close to a pocket, you will most likely scratch. Fishing isn't like fishing in Twilight Princess. You just move the rod around in the water and pull up when you get a bite.But some will give you bonus points. Charge is believe it or not, cow racing. Strange, yes. Fun, absolutely. You play similarly to Sonic and the Secret Rings, (if you didn't play it, meh... you're not missing much.) But you lift the Wiimote up to jump and you need to tilt it forward to move faster. You try toknock over scarecrows in this game. The last game is Tanks. It is the only game that you need a nunchunk for. You move with the analog stick, point at the other tanks with the Wiimote, hit B to fire, and A to drop mines. This is one of my favorites.

So in conclusion, Wii Play is a very underated game. I have lots of playing it. I reccomend it.
Posted by dsplayer1010

T gave it a 2.5 but its showing up as 5. The star system is glitvhing on a couple others too.

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