2011: Essential Virtual Console and WiiWare titles?

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Recommendations here! 

I've got:  
Sin & Punishment  
Paper Mario 
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Super Mario RPG 
Gunstar Heroes 
Donkey Kong Country 
Donkey Kong Country 2 
Donkey Kong Country 3     
Chrono Trigger 
Secret of Mana  
Super Metroid 
The Legend of the Mystical Ninja

all on the Virtual Console, and then, as far as I can remember,
Final Fantasy (series) 
Kirby's Dreamland
The Legend of Zelda 
The Adventure of Link 
A Link to the Past 
Ocarina of Time
Super Mario Bros.
Mega Man  
Super Mario 64 
Pokemon Snap
Star Fox 64 
Mario Kart 64

on other systems. 
I want to stay away from these (below) because they're on other platforms: 

Ninja Gaiden (series) 

Here's a list of games that look interesting: 
Virtual Console: 

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse   
Life Force 
Ys Book I & II 
Super Castlevania IV   
LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias 
Castlevania: The Adventure ReBirth
Contra ReBirth

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I can only recommend this game out of personal nostalgia, but I've probably sunk 50+ hours into Legend of the Mystical Ninja (Goemon!) since I purchased it for Virtual Console. I'd have to go home to remind myself what else I've purchased. Is Pocky and Rocky on there? If so I need to buy that ASAP.

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@StarvingGamer: Wait, Legend of the Mystical Ninja's on the Virtual Console? Huh, I had no idea, and have never played it before.
Pocky and Rocky isn't though.
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Mega Man X.

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@Turtlebird95: Got all the Mega Man games, but yeah, Mega Man's pretty damn sweet.
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@StarvingGamer: Well, I'm basically sold on Legend of the Mystical Ninja. I'll give this thread a day to sit here and see if I can get any more recommendations.
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@iDarktread: GOEMON!

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@StarvingGamer: Alright, sold.
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My Notebook

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@Enigma777: I actually already have a few notebooks around my house, but thanks for the suggestion, any-who. 
@StarvingGamer: I am overwhelmed.
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@iDarktread: Lol, I only ever played the SNES version. Rented that game like 10 times when I was a kid.

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You really should invest in Cave Story.

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@Dalai: I've already got Cave Story on my PC, and it's fantastic.
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I added some more bulk to my original post.

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@iDarktread said:

@Enigma777: I actually already have a few notebooks around my house, but thanks for the suggestion, any-who.

@StarvingGamer: I am overwhelmed.

But do these notebooks come in Blue, Pink, Pearl or Carbon? And do they allow you to play your favorite pen-and-paper games (games not included)? Can you change the paper type to one of 24 unlockable styles? Do they offer you five ink colors and the ability to export pages to your DSi Photo Album?! Do they have ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT PAGES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Yeah... I didn't think so. But hey, don't worry. Nnooo has the solution to your problem for only 200 Wii points! If you ask me, that's a hella bargain.


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