Underated one of Wii's great games

#1 Posted by Sedarati (53 posts) -

In retrospect i've had so much fun playing this game again and again

#2 Posted by Player1 (3892 posts) -

Ya don't kill me for this. But it might just be my favorite game on the wii. And it was "free" which helps its cause. I would defiantly buy it if it was just a regular title. 

Super mario galaxy does give it a run for its money, but this game is just so fun to play by yourself, and moreso with friends
#3 Posted by PaperPlain (243 posts) -

This game sucks except for bowling.

#4 Posted by Nikita (53 posts) -

This game is in no way underrated.

#5 Posted by Subway (971 posts) -

It was the only game I've enjoyed on the wii

#6 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -

Wii Sports is the best sport title to be released since Tecmo Bowl. There.

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