dimsey's Wii Sports (Wii) review

Fun, comes with the console and shows off what it can do.

Wii Sports. What can I say?
It's great. And it comes with the Wii. It's a pretty good demonstration of what the Wiimote is capable of. Tennis is a tad simplistic, you merely swing the wiimote when the ball is within range of your Mii. But it's easy enough to ignore this when played with another person. Baseball is probably my favorite game in the package, and contains a decent - if not simplistic representation of the game. The worst part of it is probably the pitching, as it doesnt really matter if you use the gesture they say or not - just swing it to throw it and you'll do good. Bowling is fun enough, but I think it takes some getting used too - the twisting of your wrists to add some spin to the ball - but it's an alright game. Golf is pretty fun and possibly the best representation of a sport within the package. Not many courses or anything to play on, but it's decent fun.

And boxing, in which you also make use of the nunchuk attachment.
It's also a pretty fun game - though a tad easy, especially compared to the other games. The graphics in all of the above are simple, but attractive.
That you get to use your Mii in the game is just fantastic and I hope later titles like this make use of them also.

The sound is kind of minimal, but whats there gets the job done well enough.

On it's own, perhaps Wii Sports wouldn't be so great.
But it comes with the Wii and some of the games in here are actually pretty good, so theres no excuse for not giving it a go.

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