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Fun, But Soon Forgotten

Wii Sports Review
  This game is part of a crop of Wii games that have proven that without a doubt, Nintendo still has that video game magic in spades. Pick up and play, check, makes interesting use of the Wii remote, check, most importantly fun, check and check. Wii Sports contains the following games: boxing, baseball, bowling, tennis, and golf. They are listed in order of how effectively they have been implemented. Golf being last only because the putting seems to be the least sensitive and therefore most prone to anger inducing errors. That being said, none of the games are broken and they all have their moments. There is a fitness recorder that is in the spirit of the tracker that we see in Big Brain Academy for the Wii and Brain Age for the DS. The fitness age tracker gives you a virtual age based on performance and shows your disposition to skew toward balance, speed, or stamina. There is also a training area which opens up a few variations on each base sport.

One of the games biggest strengths, pick up and playability, over time becomes what many will see as its greatest weakness. This game has a fundamental lack of depth. Its not an oversight by the designers, the game is just made for quick spurts of fun or longer stints with group play (just add drinks). Ultimately, as a game that comes packaged with the system there isn't much to complain about. I look forward to the inevitable sequel, to see how this design is expanded and fleshed out.

Gameplay: 7

Graphics: 6

Sound: 6

Value: 6

Tilt: 8

Overall Score: 6.8 (not an average)

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