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A Pretty Poor Sports Mini-Game Compilation

At the launch of the Wii, Mario was absent. Zelda was there. There was also Wii Sports. Now, Wii Sports isn't your average Nintendo title. It's not a game for the hardcore audience. It's for those casual gamers who just want to have fun. If you're looking for a game that you can delv many hours into, go pick up Zelda or Mario.

Even though this game wasn't really made for people like us, we still have the right to bash it.

Wii Sports is a collection of 5 sports games. All the sports games have a very weird art style. In Golf, you won't being playing as Tiger Woods. In Boxing, you won't be playing as Muhhamad Ali. In Bowling you won't be play as... wait? Who knows any "famous" bowlers? Not I. Anyway, my point is, you'll being playing as your Mii. You create these on the Wii menu, then use them in your games.

Bowling in Wii Sports is very basic. Move your character from left to right, select his postion, then select the angle at which you want to throw the ball, then hold down the B button, pull your Wiimote back, and push it forward. The physics are complete and utter garbage. You can just hit the middle pin and all the pins will fly to the side. If you hit the a pin on the right side the ones on the left may fall down. The physics are just very bad and inaccura

Have fun running around and whacking the tennis ball across the net. Wait...
te. There no extra places to play in, no way to change the color/size of your bowling ball, nothing.

Golf is probably the most in-depth of the sports games in Wii Sports. Not that that's saying a lot. You can play up to 18 holes. You can select which golf club you would like to use. All 18 holes are different, surprisingly. They make 18 different holes for golf, but there's only 1 bowling alley for bowling? Really? When you first step up to the tee you will be able to practice your stroke and practice how hard you want to hit it. Then, hold the A button to scoot up and to take your real hit. Postition your Mii, hold the Wiimote like a golf club, pull it back, and let it go.

Tennis is lacking many features. You can't move your character at all. At all. Your characters are locked in their positions. They don't even move on there own. Your characters just never move. Also, you can't separate you characters motions. If you swing your Wiimote both characters will swing there tennis racks. You can't separate them. To serve you just press A, then swing the Wiimote. Which, will swing your other chacters rack too, of course. It plays just like tennis. The scoring system is just like tennis, and you just swing your wiimote and make your locked-in-place characters hit the ball to the other side.
Have fun diving after fly balls! Wait..

Baseball, as well, is lacking a very important feature for baseball games. Defense. You can't move your Miis around when they are fielding. Your Miis just field the ball on there own. The game does have pitching though. Each button has a different pitch, then swing the Wiimote, and you're Mii will throw the pitch you selected. To bat, obviously, you hold the Wiimote like a bat and swing it. Duh.

The funnest, in my opinion, game in Wii Sports is boxing. You get to use your nunchuck and Wiimote to beat the living hell out of your opponent. Nunchuck punches with your left hand, and Wiimote will punch with your right hand. If you hold both of them close together and up, you will guard yourself. You can also do hook punches, by making a hooking motion with the Wiimote/Nunchuck. Again, you can't move your Mii at all. That... sucks.

Final Decision
Wii Sports is the game boxed in the Wii, so you don't have a choice to get it or not. The question is, do I bother putting it in my Wii when I get it. The answer is, yes, if you have some friends or family to have some fun with. But, if you want to play this game by yourself you'll have absolutely no fun whatsoever. All 5 of the games lack something that they should've had.

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