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A good pack-in game that shows what the Wii is capable of. 0

Pack-in games have been seen as a means for a company to show off their latest console's features, and this time around, Nintendo was eager to show off just what the Wii was capable of, and Wii Sports was the product of that eagerness. Wii Sports, as it states in the name, is a sports game, and it features: tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. Each sport uses the Wiimote's functions in its own unique way and makes it feel as if you were actually playing that sport: In tennis, you se...

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Wii Sports delivers fun for all the family - but not a lot else. 0

Wii Sports was Nintendo's primary launch title for their new console back in November 2006, and as the first game to demonstrate the console's innovative motion-sensing control system, it quickly captured the attention and imagination of a mainstream media that largely viewed videogames as a baffling and incomprehensible pastime beloved of younger generations. In contrast to games such as the Grand Theft Auto series and Bungie's hugely successful Halo franchise, Wii Sports was viewed as an inclu...

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A poem 0

Wii Sports, Wii Sports, you rue my lifeHow you have plagued these days with smiteInto the abyss I should throwThis damn broken motion controls When I bring the Wii to partiesOther games I bring just get teasedNo More Heroes gets sold shortAnd Monkey Ball passed for Wii Sports Wii Sports, Wii Sports, makes parties lameWhen we take turns on the bowling gameThese fake gutterballs make no senseWhen a real alley has a liquor license With a tennis game that’s shallowAmusement sinks to a new lowFor bas...

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This is a game that showcases the Wii's capabilities and proves m 0

Wii Review: Wii Sports "Twas the night before Christmas and all I could see,was a decently large box that I hoped was a Wii.I giggled and chuckled at the thought of such fun,and the console, once ridiculed, was now #1.The next morning I ripped open the box and my intuition was right,For when I opened the gift all I saw was a bright, holy light.Then I saw what I had wished for:A Wii at my presence and I couldn't ask for more.I set up my Wii,my face shining with glee.I looked all around for a gam...

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Simple and intuitive fun with a good lasting appeal. 0

THE GOOD:Simple and intuitive controls makes it fun to play for almost anyone; Easy to understand simplified sports concepts; Daily fitness and medals add a good value; Fun multiplayer that can be played up to four people; Clean presentation is easy on the eyes; Great sound effects coming for the wiimote speaker; The game is "free" in North America and Europe. THE BAD: Simplified gameplay makes it less replayable, because it lacks depth; Motion-sensing controls sometimes don't work very...

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Wii Sports is just the right game to come with Wii! 0

Wii Sports is a great party game to play with all your friends. The game is well structured and easy to play. The games in Wii Sports are well chosen, but I wish that there were more games to choose from. I also wish that you could play against your friends and possibly compare scores online. Despite of the minor flaws that Wii Sports has, I give Wii Sports a great rating of 3.5/5 because it's just plain fun! Let's face it, games are more fun to play on Wii because it makes you move and feel lik...

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A Pretty Poor Sports Mini-Game Compilation 0

At the launch of the Wii, Mario was absent. Zelda was there. There was also Wii Sports. Now, Wii Sports isn't your average Nintendo title. It's not a game for the hardcore audience. It's for those casual gamers who just want to have fun. If you're looking for a game that you can delv many hours into, go pick up Zelda or Mario. Even though this game wasn't really made for people like us, we still have the right to bash it. Wii Sports is a collection of 5 sports games. All the sports games hav...

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This game turned me into a believer in the Wii. 0

When I heard about what they were planning with controllers for the Nintendo Wii, I was flabbergasted. As someone who has been a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES, I wanted nothing to do with Nintendo's little Wii. But I decided to give it a chance upon hearing that it was cheap, came with a game packaged in it and it would allow me to download all sorts of games on the Virtual Console. Now I have to admit defeat; Wii Sports has sold me on this system and I am back in full support of Ninten...

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Good Bundle for the Wii 0

Game play The gameplay is well made this game is all about motion-control and about movements example if you play tennis you need to do the forehand move,backhand and the SERVE wich can be pretty fun.If you play golf you can actually control the movements that you do.All the sports that this game has is bowling,golf,tennis,baseball,and boxing of course is the hardest because you need to do quick movements.Graphics The graphics are surprising the tennis courts in the game looks real and etc..Soun...

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A great introduction to the Wii and its wacky new controller. 0

Back at E3 in 2006, Nintendo held a press conference at the Kodak Theatre displaying Wii Sports. It was simply a demo and only a basic version of the game tennis on the released version of the game. On the 14th of September 2006 the Wii release date was announced, the fact it would be included 'free' in the Wii package (excluding Japan) and two new games - Bowling and Boxing - were announced.Wii Sports features five sports - Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing. Tennis is the most well kno...

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Nothing more than a tech-demo 0

I have very mixed feelings about this game for the fundamental reason that I get quite a bit of enjoyment out of it from time to time, but at its core it is completely lacking substance.When I first got my Wii, I was quite excited to try this game out and quite justified was this desire since it is quite innovative in terms of how you play it. Though, if you put aside it's unique approach to how you play games, it is generally a title lacking much to warrant more than playing it from time to tim...

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Fun for the whole family! 0

I'll be honest. First time I saw videos of Wii Sports I thought it would be really boring (seeing how on tennis the characters move automatically, etc). But I was wrong. I got the Wii and Zelda, but the first thing I did (since I knew I would be spending more time on Zelda) was slide in the Wii Sports disk. It was FUN. REALLY FUN. Being my favorite the Bowling one, I found myself playing it for 40 minutes. I got totally on the game, it was awesome. Then I made my mother play Tennis, and she ...

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Wii sports is the perfect launch title 0

Wii Sports is the only game sold with a console at launch the generation, and it is a perfect way to introduce the new control mechanics. Anyone can pickup and play this game, and though mastering it is not easy it is not required to have fun. There are five sports to play, and though they are not as involved as a game made solely for one of them that was not the intention with Wii Sports. The games are designed to help you get used to playing games a new way, and the selection of sports offere...

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Wii Sports 0

Wii sports is the first game that you will ever get on the Wii because, well, it's free! Wii sports is obviously a sports game where you take part in lots of different sporting events with your Wii remote and occasionly Nunchuk. These events include Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and Boxing. Boxing is the only one which uses the Nunchuk.The controls are perfect apart from boxing which is still great fun but you have to really punch the Wiimote and Nunchuk quite hard for it to actully pick up th...

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Wii Sports is a fun game to play 0

If you have a Wii, then you have Wii Sports. It comes free with every console, so it's great to know that you don't have to rush to Blockbuster in order to play a game with your new console. Wii Sports is a collection of five sports game that all use the Wii mote,and some are very fun to play while some are not as fun. But they are all creative and they are good practice for using the Wii mote.The first game in the list is Tennis. Normally you would be doing alot of moving around in a game of Te...

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A worthy demo for the console, without much lasting value though 0

Since Wii Sports came packed in with the Nintendo Wii, this review, at one time, had no value. However, now it is sold separately. If you only recently bought a Wii, then this game is probably worth playing. For the most part, sports seem to be the best application for the Wii-mote. However, only a couple of the games in Wii Sports have depth or lasting value. Packing this game in with the console was a smart move by Nintendo, as Wii Sports would be worth renting and it is a fun party game, but ...

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Wii Sports Review 0

probably the funniest game ever. you have so much fun while playing this game. the graphics are not brilliant but at the end of the day your using characters with no arms so the graphics don't need to be that good.its made up of 5 games (boxing,bowling,golf,tennis and baseball) and also features training and fitness tests. i would have paid £30 for this game but it comes free with the wii console making it even better. this game is probably the main reason i bought the wii console. great game an...

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Your getting it whether you want it or not! 0

So there it sits, the Nintendo Wii, all hooked up and next to your telly waiting to be used. You look around the newz channel and weather channel and upload some photo's with a SD card and even turn them into a puzzle, but the Wii has yet to win you over. So you go for the last ace in the hole, you pop in Wii Sports, the game that comes packaged free with every Nintendo Wii Console. Will this game show of how enjoyable and accsessable the Wii can be, or will it make you think how much you can g...

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Fun, comes with the console and shows off what it can do. 0

Wii Sports. What can I say? It's great. And it comes with the Wii. It's a pretty good demonstration of what the Wiimote is capable of. Tennis is a tad simplistic, you merely swing the wiimote when the ball is within range of your Mii. But it's easy enough to ignore this when played with another person. Baseball is probably my favorite game in the package, and contains a decent - if not simplistic representation of the game. The worst part of it is probably the pitching, as it doesnt really matte...

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Wii Sports Review 0

Words cannot describe just how excited i was for the new Nintendo Wii Christmas of 2007. But did i get it? No. In fact, not until February of 2007 did i actually receive the Christmas gift i had waited for. Was i frustrated? Sure, but it also got me that much more excited, and when i got it, oh-ho, just a brilliant day. All my friends were round my house, and we set up the Nintendo Wii in my Bedroom. Now obviously i had not bought any games for the Wii, but fortunately the Wii came with a pack i...

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Fun, But Soon Forgotten 0

Wii Sports Review   This game is part of a crop of Wii games that have proven that without a doubt, Nintendo still has that video game magic in spades. Pick up and play, check, makes interesting use of the Wii remote, check, most importantly fun, check and check. Wii Sports contains the following games: boxing, baseball, bowling, tennis, and golf. They are listed in order of how effectively they have been implemented. Golf being last only because the putting seems to be the least sensitive and...

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Wii Sports Review 0

Wii Sports Comes packaged with the Wii. And this was a smart move by NIntendo as it shows off the Wii's Unique control scheme well.There are 5 games included in Wii Sports, all of which with fun multi-player. Tennis plays well, although sometimes it would be nice to be able to control the characters. Baseball is o.k, but it hurts that you don't field, that is done by the computer. Bowling Plays the best. Boxing is good, when it works. The doesn't always read your punches. Golfing is another game...

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A great first start full of ideas that need to expanded 0

For a while Wii Sports was my most anticipated game for the Wii. Then came the news that the games were really simple. My heart sank. I no longer anticipated the game and that was that. This may be the reason why I find it to be so much fun. Yes it has it's share of problems, but overall the game is so much fun that you just don't care. As a game there isn't much here. Wii Sports has the traditional exhibition modes that are more for multiplayer and hi-scores than anything else.You can do a tra...

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It's fun, but in hindsight, it's insubstantial 0

You've probably played this game. Even if you've somehow managed to avoid picking up a Wii all these years, you've undoubtedly seen it at a friend's house or at a store display. Wii Sports is one of those cultural phenomenons that will probably be remembered for decades to come- where kitschy colors & hair metal represent the 80s and hip-hop and The Simpsons represent the 90s, Wii Sports will one day come to represent the 00s. It was just that big."Big", that is, in the sense of popularity. ...

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