2014 lineup for Wii U: promising or uninteresting?

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#51 Posted by BisonHero (8565 posts) -

@johncallahan: When it gets localized, I really hope they change "doll" to something else. I've tolerated some dumb names for mecha (looking at you, "mobile suit"), but a doll is a toy. There are better words for "simulacrum of a human being" than doll. Or just invent a big dumb word like Evangelion. Anything.

#52 Posted by EXTomar (5039 posts) -

I am sure they have a fine line up but it is still not enough to for me to commit to buying hardware.

#53 Edited by GunstarRed (5884 posts) -

A bit of both. Maybe they'll announce something really interesting at E3 or in a Nintendo Direct. Bayonetta is a game I'm truly excited for, it was a huge part of why I even considered getting a Wii U. I'd probably play Smash Bros or Mario Kart, but those games have never excited me.

I don't really care for Donkey Kong Country Returns which came as a surprise to me considering I love 2D platformers. I think that Tropical Freeze looks real nice, but I assume it will be more of the same so I'm pretty cold (ha!) on it.

edit - Oh shit. I hadn't seen that trailer for that X game. That thing looks gorgeous, oh man that's definitely on my radar now.

#54 Edited by TheMasterDS (2470 posts) -

Promising. DKCTF yo.

#55 Posted by midnightsandwich (27 posts) -

If I had a Wii U, my favourite game would have to be Clutching at Straws.

#58 Posted by crithon (3549 posts) -

just reminded, they announced Zelda Wind Waker HD January of last year. Turn around was pretty 8 months, I'm curious if Nintendo might do something that radical in short time span. Just interest me to see if like the Retro Challenge and things like that could get shorter development time.

#59 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3808 posts) -

Nintendo's problem is making people who are not fans (or not listening) care. I have zero affection for Nintendo properties. The characters and the games were not part of my formative gaming experience. I played Atari, I moved up to Apple II games and then to PC games. So, when I came back to consoles I bought a PlayStation. 8-bit? 16-Bit? You fans care for sure, a lot of people just don't.

I don't care about Nintendo games and I probably never will. You can say teh current Mario and Link games are good...but I honestly don't care enough to buy a system to play them. I have been back in consoles space for the last 18 years, and that has not made me care either. I look at the games above and I say, "Mmm, neat..." but I don't really care in truth. That Monolith game with mechs...nice, but do I care when there is Titanfall and another Mass Effect game coming?

That's Nintendo's issue, they really are not capturing 'new fans' at a rate that exceeds the loss of old fans very much. From 2006 to today Nintendo built up huge system sales without really moving the needle on dedicated Nintendo game players. To most people who play games Nintendo is a word, it not a feeling or an emotion like it is too fans. People know Mario, but they honestly don't care. And, people who know Mario by name but don't buy games...what good are they?

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@monkeyking1969 said:

That's Nintendo's issue, they really are not capturing 'new fans' at a rate that exceeds the loss of old fans very much.

I don't know the statistics (if they're losing more fans than they're gaining), but this is pretty much how I see Nintendo as well. I am one of those lost fans.

#61 Edited by CrimsonAvenger (373 posts) -

Uninteresting. Nintendo keeps relying on the same old characters with little attempt to reel in new players. If they made another Super Mario Galaxy I'd be interested or if they made another Donkey Kong platformer in the vein of DK 64 I'd be interested. Otherwise they bore me. I don't want another Mario Kart or another Super Smash Bros. All I'd like is some new ideas instead of retreading ground with the same few series. Change things up a bit and do a Sonic/Mario platformer or actually make Zelda an interesting series. Metroid would definitely get me to buy a Wii U. I only played one of them but it was fun.

#62 Edited by Brendan (8810 posts) -

Fire Emblem making me want to spend money on consoles gorramit. I'll wait till the end of the WiiU's cycle to pick one up. Its worked out great for me so far with the Wii, with a curated list of 25 or so games, thanks in part to my fellow bombers who gave me some suggestions.

#63 Posted by theveej (909 posts) -

Smash Bros will always get my attention, but I want to play that with a select group of friends who will not have a Wii U and who will not be getting one. I won't get one since one game is not enough (interested in what they do will Zelda, and a new Metroid done well will probably push me over to get one)

I really like actions games like Ninja Gaiden and DMC, but Bayonetta did nothing for me. I even enjoy anime shows for the most part, but that game was just way over the top and too crazy. I am more of a hit people with swords/axes and being able to tell what is happening in the combat kind of guy than lets hit enemies with random giant hair punches and look how crazy the screen gets.

Again I watch a lot of anime, so some I am not necessary opposed to the over sexualization or stupid upskirts and what not; but for me it became difficult to play Bayonetta because of all that crap and the visualization of the combat was too chaotic for my liking. That being said, the controls were very tight and it was well made game, so I'm not surprised that people are way into it.

#65 Edited by BigJeffrey (5147 posts) -

very uninteresting for me.

#66 Edited by Ezekiel (771 posts) -

@ezekiel: You don't want to play "the same games" and yet that's what you're doing on PS4 and Xbone. Go ahead and make up bullshit about those two consoles, troll, but it's a known fact that all you're playing is FPS and racing games.

My preferred platform is Windows, actually. I will never own any Xbox and I'm not getting a PS4 in the next two years, if at all. Why should I have to defend those consoles if I dislike modern Nintendo?

#67 Posted by ViciousAnchovy (829 posts) -


#68 Edited by WesternWizard (198 posts) -

This year I may finally get a Wii U.

Bayonetta 2? GIMME

X? GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW (I loved Xenoblade Chronicles enough to put 150+ hours into it... and I don't put that kind of time into games anymore). Hell there's a real possibility I would buy the system for this one game, which blows my mind but there you have it.

Mario Kart? Not a system seller anymore, but intriguing and will almost guarantee I pick it up.

Curious about Hyrule Warriors(Name not final) but it's low priority for me.

And if the Fire Emblem game comes out I'd probably get that too.

#69 Posted by Yummylee (23512 posts) -

How in the Hell is that ''fanboy_slayer''s comments still up after almost 20 hours...

#70 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@yummylee said:

How in the Hell is that ''fanboy_slayer''s comments still up after almost 20 hours...

Maybe not enough people have flagged the comments for the mods to really notice? No idea.

#71 Posted by EpicSteve (6909 posts) -

Those aren't even real dates.

#73 Edited by Colourful_Hippie (5008 posts) -

Is Mario Kart seriously on that list? Sorry I don't need my Mario Kart fix after playing the 3DS game and Nintendo killed whatever leverage they had over me with Smash Bros by making a 3DS version as well as a Wii U one.

So Bayonetta 2 is the only thing I see right now that interests me, but it's not enough for me to pay for overpriced, dated hardware.

#75 Edited by LiquidPrince (16523 posts) -

Off that list, all I'm interested in is Bayonetta 2.

#76 Edited by Chaser324 (7189 posts) -

@hailinel: @yummylee: Sorry about that. You would think a highly inflammatory blatant troll post like that would get flagged a ton, but they pretty frequently don't. I only just noticed it in our moderation queue, and it had only been flagged by two people.

Flag troll posts and/or send a PM to the mods. Please don't quote them - it only makes more of a mess for the mods to clean up.

#77 Posted by Fearbeard (865 posts) -

Personally I think last year was better for them. Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Wonderful 101, and Lego City Undercover all interest me more then most of the games they currently have announced.

I enjoy Maro Kart games for a couple hours and then get tired of them. Never cared about Smash Brothers. Donkey Kong will probably be decent but it has a tough time following up Super Mario 3d world. Never played the first Bayonetta so I'd definitely need to do that before I even consider Bayonetta 2.

I'm really hoping Nintendo has some good announcements for the upcoming fall. A New Super Mario Borthers U 2 isn't going to do it for me and I doubt they have a Zelda ready this year. A new 2Dish Metroid would be amazing though but it seems like a low priority to them.

#78 Posted by MormonWarrior (2825 posts) -

For me, it sounds even better than 2013. That's why I just had to get one for Christmas. Assuming they're all released this year, Smash Bros, Bayonetta, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and X all sound cool...and there will probably some other cool stuff. I dunno, I've settled with Nintendo just being Nintendo and releasing stuff only occasionally. I've got other consoles and such to go to if they're lacking. I'm already liking the Wii U itself more than I ever liked the Wii, though I haven't had my Mario Galaxy moment with it yet.

#79 Posted by Bartman3010 (483 posts) -

Wii U was pretty much the only interesting console for me since it was the only one that wasn't attempting to be the all-in-one entertainment HUB or PC replacement. I'm still big on Nintendo games, but even after two years they just haven't hit their stride. Wii U is still hitting the Nintendo checklist which is disappointing. They're also piecemealing their Virtual Console lineup, which is what really got me excited for getting the original Wii. I spent so much money on it, which helped me pick up a lot of Turbo Grafx games since I never really had one. Now the Wii U is here and it only has one unique Virtual Console game, and only two systems represented with all of their promises for other systems fallen short. No Game Boy Advance, no Gamecube, no other third party systems, which is a shame, being able to play games on the tablet itself is really nice.

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