Are you getting this the first day?

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#1 Posted by NTM (8268 posts) -

#2 Posted by NTM (8268 posts) -

From E down, I posted those for people that may view this after it's already out, or by the time they can get it. I picked D; while it doesn't answer the question, I still said it 'cause I just checked the date and I'm a little surprised it's coming out in a few days. It just doesn't seem like it.

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C. First time I won't have bought a system in 4 generations.

#4 Posted by Zella (921 posts) -

Not getting it for the foreseeable future. I got burned buying into the hype for the Wii, and the Wii U is looking mighty similar.

#5 Posted by Wraxend (601 posts) -

C. Fool me once Nintendo shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Wii was just a gimmick and this will only get a year of support from third party publishers. I'm waiting to get both 720/PS4!

#6 Posted by BaneFireLord (3081 posts) -

Not only am I not interested, but I also don't have the money and my dorm room is not conducive to setting up a television.

#7 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -


#8 Posted by Jay_Ray (1186 posts) -

I have to get my Nintendo fix eventually, so probably next year.

#9 Posted by NTM (8268 posts) -

My real answer is B.

#10 Posted by Kerned (1183 posts) -

Those last few answers are just inviting people to troll your poll. Not that I would troll your poll. No sir.

#11 Edited by MonetaryDread (2327 posts) -

i was playing a demo kiosk at my local Radio Shack and I have to say that I am not going to purchase the system. It isn't any more powerful than the four systems I already own (360, ps3, PC, IPhone 5) so the only difference is the controller. When I held the controller I was immediately put off, the thing is too wide, feels hollow and cheap, the sticks feel like the one used on the PS Vita, and the D-pad feels as inaccurate as the 360 pad.

Ultimately this system is no different than any other Nintendo system. You pick it up for the Nintendo games and, right now, there are no games worth purchasing the system for.

#12 Posted by spiceninja (3134 posts) -

I'll end up getting one sometime next year. I really want to play Lego City Undercover and I'll want to play the next Mario and Zelda games.

#13 Posted by YI_Orange (1210 posts) -

Where's the Bayonetta 2 poll option?

#14 Posted by Eidderf (517 posts) -

Maybe a few years down the line when some of the bigger, more interesting first party titles are out and the price has dropped by a considerable amount I'll pick it up. Nothing about it particularly excites me so far, I don't really see what the new tablet control thing will do to enhances console games apart from being a good place for a map and a few extra buttons.

#15 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

As someone who skipped the Wii, no. The tablet gimmick seems really dumb and its only a marginal upgrade over 360/PS3.

Also, Nintendo has never had a functional online system, so they're bound to fuck that up.

#16 Posted by laserbolts (5439 posts) -

Maybe later once it's cheaper and it has a decent library of games. I'm in no hurry.

#17 Posted by granderojo (1897 posts) -

I think I'd rather spend 2 grand on a kick ass PC next generation than buy all the consoles again. I mean by the time they're all out it will be around that right?

#18 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

You are missing the option: No, not sure if I will get it later or not. Which is me.

#19 Posted by scarace360 (4813 posts) -

Fuck ya!

#20 Posted by eskimo (493 posts) -

Theres no poll option, for

Not getting it, waiting to see if there are a few decent games before jumping in

got burned on the Wii, not gonna buy this until I'm absolutely convinced it wont be a waste of money.

#21 Posted by hawkinson76 (398 posts) -

I already own a modern console.

#22 Posted by muralbat (157 posts) -

Hell yeah I am, and fuck all the cynical fucks cause mannnn am I excited!

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@Kerned: Why would people troll it because of that? I did mention why I put that.

@YI_Orange: Why would that be an option? And -

@eskimo: @jozzy: Actually there is, it's "Other".

#24 Posted by BonOrbitz (2398 posts) -

B and astounded how people got "burned" by the Wii. Gimme a break, really?

#25 Posted by Kerned (1183 posts) -

@NTM: I meant that people might think it funny to select an option that isn't even applicable yet. Mostly though, I was just joking around. I don't really think your poll will be the victim of mass trolling. "Trolling your poll," by the way, is the grossest thing I have had to say all day.

#26 Posted by s10129107 (1324 posts) -

I don't buy a system until at least the second hardware iteration. That being said i'm not interested in the Wii U.

#27 Edited by NTM (8268 posts) -

@Kerned: Ha ha, don't worry, I wasn't replying to you in a combative way, I guess you can say. I was just asking, 'cause I didn't think anyone would really do such a thing. And alright, nice :P

#28 Posted by Fawkes (263 posts) -

I will if it's like the 3DS and they're all over the shelves and I can just walk in and get one.

#29 Posted by JJOR64 (19527 posts) -

Yep. Getting it Day 1. Sad that my GameStop isn't doing a Midnight release for it.

#30 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1039 posts) -

No - it looks like a big gimmicky load of shite.

#31 Posted by SirShandy (41 posts) -

It's too bad so many people are so down on it. I'm getting it day one and am very excited. I hope once it comes out and gains some steam enough members will purchase it so we can trade Nintendo ID's and build a giantbomb community on the Miiverse.

#32 Posted by subyman (699 posts) -

It depends. I'm not going to totally write it off, but having bought into the wii hype I'm a little more apprehensive this time. Can't wait to see giant bombs take on the system next week.

#33 Posted by NostalgicShakedown (156 posts) -

Getting it day 1 as well. Can't wait to get this console.

#34 Posted by Lelcar (912 posts) -

@BonOrbitz said:

B and astounded how people got "burned" by the Wii. Gimme a break, really?

I agree. I have all consoles and I loved my Wii.

My Wii U is coming in on monday and I'm pumped.

#35 Posted by BestUsernameEver (5027 posts) -

@eskimo said:

Theres no poll option, for

Not getting it, waiting to see if there are a few decent games before jumping in

got burned on the Wii, not gonna buy this until I'm absolutely convinced it wont be a waste of money.

Exactly my situation as well.

#36 Posted by Giantstalker (1867 posts) -

I voted C, which is a shame, because I still remember the days when Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 were launch titles. But that just isn't the case this time, and hasn't been for generations.

#37 Posted by FlarePhoenix (423 posts) -

Up until a couple of months ago, I was all for it, but now I don't know any games I'm really excited for. New Super Mario Bros 2 burnt me out of the New Super Mario Bros series, so I have little interest in New Super Mario Bros U. I don't know... I'll probably watch the quick looks when they go up, and see how they look.

#38 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7779 posts) -

Nope, I'm not. I will probably end up buying it when a decent amount of games I want come out for the system.

#39 Posted by BradBrains (1310 posts) -

im kinda going back and forth between this and a vita with person 4. im going to walk in monday and if a wii u is there ill get it if not going for a vita. so probably vita. gonna get a wii u for the apartment next year i think. would be nice to continue playing a console game when the roommates want the tv or for when basketball is one

#40 Posted by Warfare (1671 posts) -


#41 Posted by FreakAche (3023 posts) -

@BonOrbitz said:

B and astounded how people got "burned" by the Wii. Gimme a break, really?

I suspect most of these people didn't really like Nintendo games to begin with, and just bought into the hype for something they didn't really want in the first place.

#42 Posted by Labman (295 posts) -

I want a Wii U and I want it NOW! I'm not sure why I want it so bad...maybe it's just the hype of a new generation console...but, for whatever reason, I want one bad. I haven't bought a new Nintendo console since the N64 and I think I played all of 30 minutes of my friend's Wii, but I'm jonesing for the friggen Wii U! Fingers crossed, maybe I'll find it under the Xmas tree this year!

#43 Posted by cannonballBAM (659 posts) -

Picking it up tomorrow with a copy of New Super Mario Bros U.

Planning to pick up: Rayman Legends, Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101.

#44 Posted by ninjalegend (472 posts) -

I hope this Wii U is better than the Wii was. That thing just collected dust on my entertainment center until it found it's way to a storage bin. I pretty much bought all the systems since the SNES, so no reason to break that cycle. The biggest disappointment I had with the Wii was the SD. Making your television stretch a 480 signal to fit the TV looked like shite.Controller has been charging for 2 hours now, and is still going. Controller feels real nice.

So I guess mildly excited. Curious how Assassins Creed 3 will look. I'll trade my PS3 copy in for a Wii U one if they fix the framerate and pop in with all the extra memory the machine has.

#45 Posted by Sackmanjones (5163 posts) -

It's midnight....anyone have it yet? What are your impressions?

#46 Posted by downtime58 (234 posts) -

I owned every Nintendo system prior and was an early adopter of the Wii, but haven't touched the system in two years. My growing disinterest came out of a combination of lack of interesting games and getting fatigued with motion controls. Motion was rarely integrated in a compelling way and simply hasn't reached true one to one which means motion controls are as frustrating as they are innovative.

#47 Posted by L1GHTN1N (686 posts) -

I was all set to wait on it until April, but I got home tonight at 10:50PM, booted up my computer and saw some Wii U news, and decided I wanted one now. I then walked two miles (no car) to Toys R' Us to see if I could get one, turns out they're not selling them until 8AM. So tomorrow I'm going to go see if there's any chance I can get one again... 
So maybe.

#48 Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles (1833 posts) -

Got Mine

#49 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

Nah. I'm alright. Maybe when Monster Hunter is out.

#50 Posted by dcgc (916 posts) -

Not really, I won't be getting it. ZombiU looks interesting but that's about it and the other games are the same old, same old so...

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