Are you worried about a potential increase in price for games?

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I should start by pointing out this is mainly targeted at UK users, but all opinions are welcome. Let's just at least try to keep it civil.

Now after information on the Wii U was released yesterday a lot of retailers finally started putting up prices and letting you pre-order the console and some of the release titles. The console itself is generally being priced at £250 and £299, which is maybe a bit high, but at the moment the games are curiously being priced at £45 and £50. That's a noticeable increase from current prices which generally top out at £40. It's possibly just a placeholder that will change, but it's a bad sign if it doesn't. The reception for the console hasn't exactly been great and a lot of people have pointed out it's basically Nintendo catching up to the current generation so any price increase would be hard to justify and wont do the console any favours in the long run.

This might all change in a few weeks and the games might drop down to the normal prices, but I'm starting to think about if they don't. I don't know if I want the console if I have to pay more for the games because in my mind they're already expensive enough. If the prices were to go up would it make you think about skipping the console, would it just cause you to purchase less games for it or would it be enough to make you do something dastardly involving Nintendo a zeppelin and a basket full of red pandas?

(... Alright I'll admit it, my time browsing Destructoid has caused a love for red pandas to develop and left my knees weak at the sight of one.)

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Nope, retailers, at least here in norway, are allready losing money on most new games. Prices are competitive as hell here.

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Just the opposite, video games will have to come down in price if they want to go anywhere. My line of thinking is based off of this article, which basically states that all those $1 games on the iTunes store are making a huge impact on retail games.

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That's just the UK catching up on the rest of the EU, we've been paying that price here for ages and I often get games from the UK because it saves me €20 sometimes.

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