Can You Play Wii Games on the Wii U Game Pad Screen?

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You can switch Wii U games to your Game Pad if someone wants to use the TV. Can you play Wii games on the Game Pad screen too?

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@insouciant No.
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That sucks.

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Nope. I hope they patch in features like that, playing Wii games or Virtual console games on the gamepad sound cool, but I have little faith.

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How would that work though considering most wii games used the wii remote so without a sensor or anything on that screen most games wouldn't work.

I wonder if they do put GameCube games on though if they would, that could be potentially amazing. Playing some metroid prime or wind waker on that screen would be great.

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That sounds like a nightmare.

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@msavo said:

Nope. I hope they patch in features like that, playing Wii games or Virtual console games on the gamepad sound cool, but I have little faith.

Nintendo recently stated they are looking into VC games to play on the Gamepad whenever the VC launches on the Wii U.

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I was wondering this same thing long ago. That almost would have been a compelling reason to get a WiiU in itself. (the main issue obviously being that many games require wii remote)

Oh it would be cool if this was taken one step further by allowing WiiU gamepad to act as a nunchuk+remote assuming the game didn't use motion controls or IR. In fact maybe you could even map waggle as a button. Anything that used motion controls in a major way obv wouldnt work but you'd be able to cover a lot more Wii games this way than if it was just classic controller. Maybe also map righthand thumbstick to pointing, it would least let you get by in games that require pointing in their main menus, and hey maybe even SMG would be playable this way.

You know what's funny, this is almost just like how you couldn't use Wii to play Gamecube games with Wii classic controller, as then there was seemingly no reason it couldn't have been implemented. (Well there is a logical explanation, supposedly the GC support is literally nothing but a GC attached to the Wii, which makes sense why you use GC controllers and memory cards, but still.. it seems like there should have been a way)

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How would that even work? Given you have to be standing in most cases (and even if you don't have to stand, you still need to use motions), and there isn't a sensor bar on the gamepad. Are you suggesting you would hold the Wii remote in one hand, and the gamepad in the other? Or would you use the stand and place the gamepad on that? But at that point, why not just use the TV?

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@Rave @Shortbreadtom: Yeah I wasn't thinking about that. That would be impossible. I was just thinking of playing Virtual Console games on it.

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@Shortbreadtom: There IS a sensor bar on the gamepad.

@msavo said:

Nope. I hope they patch in features like that, playing Wii games or Virtual console games on the gamepad sound cool, but I have little faith.

It will never be patched in since Wii Mode reboots the system as a straight up Wii for perfect hardware-based "emulation", as opposed to software emulation (which is far less accurate, more resource intensive but would allow for additional features). Honestly, the best case scenario right now is them doing HD Collections of some of the best Wii games and putting GCN games on Virtual Console which will then be playable on the GamePad. Wii Mode will forever stay as it is, I can pretty much guarantee that.

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There is something really wrong at Nintendo when you need a major patch to fix things

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Actually, it WOULD be possible!

The black bar around the camera of the gamepad funcions as a sensor bar during multiplayer games (as described in the manual).

The only problem would be the distance, so that the wiimote is ot too close to the sensor bar, nut you are still close enough to see the screen.

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You can play them now!

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