Customizable Menu Screen for Wii U?

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Ubisoft yesterday released a PR statement for Just Dance 4, as part of their statement they appear to have revealed something which Nintendo has yet to...

A new title screen on Wii U (10 units) / A new X360 theme on Xbox360 (10 units) / A new wallpaper on PS3 (10 units)

• The Mash-up version of “Good feeling” (20 units)

• The Mash-up version of “Beauty and a beat” (30 units)

• The alternate version of “Call me maybe” (40 units)

The fact it's bunched up with a 360 theme and PS wallpaper, suggests "title screen" is Wii U's equivalent, rather than simply a new in-game title screen.. Anyway, it's amazing to think we still know next to nothing about how Wii U will look at the front-end. If this is true, I expect to see title screens for all Nintendo's favourite franchises. Hopefully some of them will be available on the Wii U eShop at launch. I'm done with the sterile white, I think it was never befitting for a colourful company like Nintendo.


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