E3 2012: Nintendo Wii U Developer Discussion

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My bad if this has gotten posted already, but the Round Table discussion is going on right now and there is a live blog HERE.

EDIT: Here is the NeoGAF thread with pictures being posted as well.

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Thanks man, forgot this was today.

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Nintendo Land is supposed to have a F-Zero attraction. Wish we could have seen it.

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Thanks for posting. I was looking for some info on this conference.

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Well that was disappointing, even more so than the conference earlier today.

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Yeah, I guess NintendoLand will be as close as I get to an F-Zero game. 
And this was an odd statement. I hope they were referring to the next hardware from Microsoft and Sony.
Essentially seems to be saying that Nintendo is happy with the experiences that the GamePad affords, even if the overall Wii U specs might not be as powerful as other hardware.

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At least my WiiWare and Virtual Console stuff will transfer. Not surprised, but at least it's confirmed. 
Other than that, nothing.

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