Factory Fire Sees Nintendo Drop Wii U Manufacturing Forecast

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"As of now, we see no impacts on our Wii U console production scheme".

Coming from Tokyo-based analyst David Gibson's Twitter:

Nintendo - we downgraded WiiU units by 1m to 7.3m as production is impacted by fire at assembler, company to revise down outlook Oct 24


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Was it foxcon?

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Microsoft had some factory issues, now Nintendo. There was that riot at a Foxconn plant this summer.

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Their official statement is apparently "As of now, we see no impacts on our Wii U console production scheme".

According to CVG

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@Dagbiker said:

Was it foxconn?

No, it was simply one of Nintendo's manufacturing plants.

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Doesn't Nintendo intentionally reduce the number of new hardware to drive up demand? I think they will use that as an excuse for why there won't be enough Wii U's for the holiday season.

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@Wong_Fei_Hung Nintendo doesn't actually own any manufacturing plants
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Are those numbers for worldwide availability? For lunch day or expected unit untill the end of the year?

I was sort of expecting 5m units sold in the US from launch until end of the year and 4m from everywhere else. Those 8.3m, now 7.3 seem kind of low.

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@Dagbiker: would be surprised if they didn't own manufacturing for something, be it electronics (hardware) or something for all of their device casings. It's a logical step in cutting costs.

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