Glad I got the Wii U But Not Surprised that...

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Nintendo crapped the bed with online services. I can't register a Nintendo ID or do any of the things I want to do, including download patches for the games, transfer stuff from my Wii, etc. They should have been ready for the Christmas rush of new Wii U and 3DS systems in the wild, but were not.


On another note, Skylanders is pretty cool, yo.

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@irishdoom: Hey, Sony shit the bed today, too. Expecting any online service to work properly during a high-capacity rush is wishful thinking, though you're right in that it should work better.

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Steam just shut me out, too. This is the all-digital future, guys.

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Yeah. Steam has been down all day it seems. It's not just Nintendo, although nobody makes a thread about Steam being down.

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I didn't realize it went beyond Nintendo. I'm not sure if that makes it better or worse.

I'm still happy with the system and excited to get it all set up. :)

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tbh i'm kinda surprised ninty offers digital downloads. they did seem like the first to have day 1 downloads though.

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Every game service has today, Steam been kinda down all day along, along with a tiny issue i had with XBL too. Been also trying to get my Zelda download for 3DS ALL DAY.

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I would assume tomorrow would also be pretty bad for the (wii u) version of the Nintendo network in the EU region as zombiu goes down to £8 which is the cheapest ive seen it new from any store

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xbox live and origin are up. Origin > Steam

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Steam's been back up for more than half an hour now. I think it may have been, in part, due to the free giveaway of Left 4 Dead 2 that caused Steam to buckle, though that's only a theory.

Luckily I did all the updating when I bought my Wii U about 2 weeks ago and didn't wait until now, based upon this thread. Phew, dodged that bullet.

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There's not really any reason for them to increase server capacity for a couple days. It costs them boatloads of money and everyone will forget about it in a couple days when everything goes back to normal.

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Haven't been surprised about the server issue. A lot of people downloading dat large system update

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Zombi U for £8 is crazy. Even if you hate zombies, that's just a must-buy at that price. Really liked that game. Lots of cool ideas. Bored with zombies, but aside from that, really fun.

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nintendo's online design feels like AOL at it's prime.

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@crithon said:

nintendo's online design feels like AOL at it's prime.

I was thinking Compuserve.

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@mb said:

@crithon said:

nintendo's online design feels like AOL at it's prime.

I was thinking Compuserve.

hehe, I know it sounds silly, but I never found console online feeling faster or more immediate then a PC. All of them are serviceable just to get STUFF, but like xbox 360 in 2008 trying to download games for my cousin's 360 which he never kept online was just a mess.

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In the same boat here bought myself a Wii U with Wind Waker, but since it's a download code the thing is basically a paper weight.

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Yeah, I got my brother a 3DS with Zelda, and he wasn't able to download it all day, either. From a tech perspective, it's understandable, but it still sucks.

To the people flipping their shit online over this travesty though (not anyone on here), a little perspective would be nice. One or two days without the game for your new console is shitty, but it's a short-term problem and there are probably better things for you to be doing on Christmas day besides playing video games.

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@irishdoom: Yeah, that kind of sucks. Also, just for future reference, if you could give a brief summary of your thread in the thread title that would be good, the mod team doesn't really like non-descriptive titles.


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