I bought a Wii U

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and two days later it is still sitting in it's box.

Futureshop/Bestbuy in Canada had a promo on Sunday, buy a Wii U and get Pikmin 3 for free, I've been thinking about getting a Wii U for awhile, I have a tonne of games for my Wii that I never played and I was really looking forward to Pikmin 3, I have no idea why I haven't opened it up yet.

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Maybe you should uh... open it. And start that update. That's still a thing, right?

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I might have gotten it if it was $250 for the 32g version + free Pikmin 3.

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If you open it you'll only want to throw it in the trash..

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I'll take it off your hands. ;)

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I'm sorry for your loss.

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Pikmin 3 is a blast

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Man thats sucks.....I mean, I hope you enjoy it, but what a fucking wasteland. I bought one on day one and after Monster Hunter, I haven't even plugged it in. I have absolutely zero intrest in Pikmin. Christ, when I think of the Wii U, it is such a sad piece of shit when you really think of it....no reason why better stuff has not already been made for it. (outside of no one seems to want it) Fucking sad shit man....3ds is firing on all lines and the Wii U is just waiting to die. I don't know, I just don't believe that all of a sudden Nintendo will turn the Wii U around. I guess I should be more patient, but fuck what a waste.

A Nintendo developed system for Nintendo games, but that is just not enough for me anymore. I really hope there are some hidden Gems coming outside of Nintendo Zelda and Mario games.

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Seriously at least do the update.

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I got a WiiU a couple weeks ago and I barely touched it until Pikmin 3 came out.

It was Super depressing looking over released WiiU games since launch and finding...... pretty much nothing.

But games are Supposedly coming out later this year that look good! i'm sure your new Nintendo box will get usage eventually.

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I bought a white one, because I'm just a complete moron, at launch. Once I beat ZombieU and Mario I have rarely touched it. I was using it a bit when they did all those $.30 eShop releases and downloaded Earthbound but never did much with actually playing any of those.

There was a period of time though when I had Tekken Tag 2 and was ranked the 6th best player in the world. That was fun since I never really played a Tekken game before and never owned one until that game. It was even more hilarious because I really suck at Tekken and had to load all my combos into the GamePad touchscreen.

Have fun with Pikmin 3 I guess.

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Pikmin 3 is awesome. You should play it.

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Well it's your money, do whatever you want with that thing.

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I'll be buying a WiiU soon myself. 3D Mario is the epitome of fun gaming. If you don't like 3D Mario, you probably just don't like anything.

Also, X2.... I have to buy anything created by Tetsuya Takahashi / Monolith Soft. I'd buy Takahashi's poop if Nintendo would bag it.

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Pikmin 3 is really, really good. You should open up that box and play that thing. If you missed out on a lot of Wii games, then the Wii U has a lot more value for you at present than someone who played all that stuff already.

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I played a friends wii U a month or two ago. Funny thing was, the most fun I had on it was playing Super Metroid. Pikman 3 and X2 look cool though.

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I give you about afew weeks before you get bored of the Wii U.

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I'll be buying a WiiU soon myself. 3D Mario is the epitome of fun gaming. If you don't like 3D Mario, you probably just don't like anything.

Also, X2.... I have to buy anything created by Tetsuya Takahashi / Monolith Soft. I'd buy Takahashi's poop if Nintendo would bag it.

I like that nice childish stance, let's not even bring into consideration that the game already looks like a certain Mario game that I've already played on 3DS and I have no intention on going out of my way to get an overpriced console just to play something similar again.

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Glad to hear Pikmin is getting some people on board with it. It's gonna take a few more good exclusives to get me interested, though. I'm a huge Nintendo fan, but so far this thing has just reeked of garbage.

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You could have got a couple Ouya's instead.

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I almost jumped on that deal, but there were no more basic sets left and I'm not paying 350 for a console just to get Pikmin for free.

Still, that didn't stop me from trying to get a Wii U, so I ended up finding a used one for 239 at a local shop and I grabbed Monster Hunter 3 for cheap. Reading Pikmin reviews make it seem pretty identical to the Gamecube games which I never really liked so that was out.

I really don't know why I bought one, but it's kinda neat and my Miiverse drawing of Eazy-E got a bunch of yeahs. Other than that, Monster Hunter seems okay I guess? I do wish there were more games out though.

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Let this experience be a warning to everyone else. Don't buy a racing wheel Wii U.

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You should've waited for the Super Wii U. It'll be 16 GameCubes soldered together. Silly you!

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It's a shame you don't live in Europe. Only two more weeks(ish) until The Wonderful 101 comes out!

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pikmin 3 is amazing pick up ZomiU as well and you have the 2 games for that system. A good 2 weeks worth of entertainment there

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Loading Video...

Did you get one?

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The WiiiiiiUuu remembers when games weren't shit. That's why you did good. You did good.

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Well you are a complete and utter fool then.

No, I kid... but I got a Wii U as well. What a bummer it is. Except I'm kind of happy I have it for games like Pikmin 3. I think in the long run when I have my collection of Nintendo games for it I'll be happy with having the Wii U. Not now, but later... sure.

I never owned a Wii so that's my excuse for having a Wii U. Been a long time since I played Nintendo games.

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I know it's not a popular opinion, but I really dig the WiiU, in spite of it's dearth of games. I think it's a cool little bit of kit.

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I'm sorry? Return it? Sheesh, you don't have to be all sassy about it.



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I like how you keyed on the sarcastic part of the post, not the part where I discussed the market potential for an individual's feces.

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