Interface performance: update?

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When the Wii U was first released, I remember reading a lot about the slow, and generally sluggish performance of the Wii U menu interface. Is this still an issue? Has this been addressed with patches, is it still an issue?

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It's a lot faster now compared to launch. Still wish some of the UI was instant though.

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That's good to hear. I think Mario and Zelda HD are enough to get me to buy this damn thing. How about TVii, did that ever get useful?

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TVii is still basically useless for me. The UI still struggles from wait times. But, it is far from the mess it was when I got one last November. I strongly recommend picking one up. There are a lot of deals around on them, right now. Gamestop is selling new 8Gb systems with Skylanders and a $25 gift card for $275.

I have an 8Gb system and it works perfectly. I just threw a 500Gb external drive on it that I had laying around.

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