Is the Wii U worth it?

Posted by NTM (7264 posts) 3 months, 20 days ago

Poll: Is the Wii U worth it? (51 votes)

YES YES YES! :D Get it. 43%
It will be at some point, but not right now, no. 39%
Eh, no. I don't see it being worth it in the future either. 18%

I'm just asking. I'll probably get one at some point, but not right now, though I am wondering when I think it'll be worth it... I mean, will I think it'll be worth it when a Zelda comes out, a Metroid? I don't know. As it gets further into the console cycle for the Wii U, I keep feeling like no, it's not enough, even though it had initially been.

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@ntm That's really up to you. It isn't just a binary situation. I know people that are happy with having a Wii U and some that aren't. It's all a matter of what you're wanting out of it.

I'd say the Wii U seems to be in a good spot right now, and if you are interested in some of its games, I see little reason for you not to get one. Have you enjoyed a lot of Nintendo games in the past? Have you never really gotten into their games? Anything on the horizon that interests you?

Regardless of the system's merits, it's all about the games, and whether access to those games is worth it to you is up to you and your own personal preferences. Seems like a fine console to me, but it all depends on what you want out of it and the value you put on that.

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I think it's worth it. It has some solid games out for it now and more to come. Also it's the only backwards compatible next gen system so you can also go back and play some of the great games that came out for Wii.

As for a new Metroid, you never know.

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At some point I imagine, it's racking up a few exclusives I'd like to play at some point (or maybe by then it'll have been too long who knows). Also the backwards compatibility for some games I let go stale on the Wii is also a benefit.

I know Nintendo have kinda opted out of E3 now but hopefully around then they'll have a Direct with a few announcements, I've never been a Smash fan (although cool in concept) and Mario Kart is fine but okay another one of those. I guess we'll see more of the Xenoblade game? Dynasty Zelda Warriors won't do it for me.

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@truthtellah: I wasn't really asking about it in terms of "do you think I should get it or not?", because I already know my answer. I was just asking because I was curious as to how people felt about it currently and more so what they thought about it.

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It has some solid titles and more to come as well as the best internet browser on any current gen system. Seriously I've used the wiiu more for couchtuner than actual games but that doesn't take away from its good games like DK,Mario, and Pikmin.

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We've got one. It's nice.

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I'm really enjoying mine.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Super Mario 3d world
Pikmin 3
New Super Mario Bros. U/Luigi U
NES Remix
Wonderful 101
Mario Kart 8 (next month)

If you want to play most of these games then I would say yes it would be worth it otherwise wait.

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Do you like Nintendo games and IPs? If yes yeah buy it if not stay away.

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I was excited about the idea of getting one when I first saw the trailer for X. Then I saw the combat for X and now I'm not so sure.

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I was excited about the idea of getting one when I first saw the trailer for X. Then I saw the combat for X and now I'm not so sure.

I really want to see SP gameplay and a story trailer before I make my decision about this game^^

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If I had more money, I'd probably get one right now, not so much for the games it already has, but for the promise of more Nintendo games in the future. But I don't have tons of money to spend on things like that, so I'm waiting.

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@darji: That's also the other factor. If it's kinda just an online only game with no offline mode, I'm not sure how much faith I have in it staying online for long on a system which has had less of an impact than the Dreamcast.

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I felt like it was worth it after I played 3d World personally.

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As someone that loves the Wii U...


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I enjoy mine. This is the first Nintendo system I've purchased since the Game Cube. If you are looking for a XBox 360 experience in terms of game selection or online services you will be disappointed. The main controller that comes with the system is something I feel turn most people off to the system. It feels quite nice in the hands and when games take advantage of the second screen it makes game play more enjoyable in my opinion. The Wii U Pro controller is something that is over looked. It might be one of my favorite controllers of all time. Its super comfortable and I've charged it three times since Feb 2013. I got the machine to play Nintendo games and maybe the occasional third party game, so I am getting what I want out of it. Nintendo was selling some refurbished deluxe models for $199 USD if you did not want to pay full price.

The games I own are as follows:


Resident Evil Revelations

Wii Party U

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

New Super Mario Bros. U / Luigi U

Rayman Legends

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Call of Duty Black Ops II

Lego City Undercover

NES Remix

Wind Waker HD

Super Mario 3D World

Wii U Sports (Golf, Bowling, and Tennis)

Zin Pinball 2

... and several VC titles

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I probably use my Wii U more than any other machines in the house... Mostly Netflix and Twitch streams thoguh since, you can watch streams on the TV while using the web browser on the controller at the same time, wich is handy.

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with some good first party stuff and virtual console the wii u is a fine secondary console. go for it.

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