"Leaked" trailer shows WiiU graphics and minorsystem capabilities

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IGN got their hands on a "leaked" Rayman Legends trailer showing off gameplay, graphics, touch controls, and (Jeff will dig this) Skylanders-esque functionality of the WiiU controller that was previously rumored. Will your favorite Assassin be featured in Rayman Legends? Possibly.

The graphics are comparable to that of a 360 or PS3, but this game is an impressive looking 2D platformer that shouldn't be too hard to render on any current gen HD platform. The touch controls on the WiiU controller in this trailer as minor, but seeing the scanning function is a surprise to me. I don't know if what they've shown is strictly representative of what they have in mind or if it's the real deal because you know how over-the-top these Ubisoft trailers can get.

As a minor note and for those that can't watch the trailer, the footage shows four players: one on the WiiU controller and three on Wiimotes a la New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the touch screen and scanning can be used in other titles.

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They got Skylanders in my Rayman!

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I am happy to see more Rayman, especially a sequel to Origins. Not too surprising that this exists, Ubi always brings a lot to Nintendo launches, and they have come out saying they want to make more Rayman. Seeing the WiiU version having exclusive content means that it should be coming out on other systems.

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Someone made a trailer about the leak

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Why do we need another thread?

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@The_Laughing_Man: @kurtbro900: Sorry, y'all. Didn't see the first thread. It happens. Mods?

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the back to the future soundtrack was the weirdest thing for me.

and the main controller has an RFID sensor? hmmmm

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