Let's compare WiiU's launch games to others.

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Since Reggie has told IGN that the titles shown at this years E3 are all "launch window" titles, let's compare what a launch with these titles would be compared to that of the Wii, 360 and PS3.

First the multiplatform titles (the non-exclusives without Including PC or arcades).

WiiUXbox 360PS3Wii
Batman Arkham CityGunCall of Duty 3Call of Duty 3
Darksiders 2Need For Speed: Most WantedBlazing Angels: Squadrons of WWIINeed for Speed: Carbon
Madden NFL 13Madden NFL 06Madden NFL 07Madden NFL 07
Assassin's Creed 3NBA Live 06Marvel Ultimate AllianceMarvel Ultimate Alliance
Mass Effect 3NBA 2K6NBA 2K7Happy Feet
Ninja Gaiden 3NHL 2K6NHL 2K7Monster 4x4 World Circuit
Just Dance 4Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07Avatar: The Last Airbender
Tekken Tag Tournament 2Tony Hawk's American WastelandTony Hawk's Project 8Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
FIFA 13Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the MovieSpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab
Trine 2Barnyard
Scribblenauts UnlimitedCars
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Open Season
Rayman Raving Rabbids
Rampage: Total Destruction

The Wii clearly has the most, but that was due to many companies releasing titles on both the Gamecube and Wii. The WiiU seems consistent with the 360 and PS3's launch, but should they be closer to the Wii with companies moving over current gen titles to the WiiU like the Wii did with Gamecube games?

Now the exclusives (ignoring if it was released on PC or in arcades, only comparing consoles).

Wii UXbox 360PS3Wii
Nintendo LandAmped 3Genji: Days of the BladeExcite Truck
New Super Mario Bros. UCall of Duty 2Mobile Suit Gundam: CrossfireRed Steel
Pikmin 3Condemned: Criminal OriginsResistance: Fall of ManSuper Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz
Wii Fit UFIFA 06: Road to FIFA World CupRidge Racer 7Trauma Center: Second Opinion
Wii U Panorama ViewKameo: Elements of PowerWarioWare: Smooth Moves
SiNGPerfect Dark ZeroWii Play
Lego City Undercover*Project Gotham Racing 3Wii Sports
Project P-100Quake 4GT Pro Series
Game & WarioRidge Racer 6
Rayman Legends
Tank! Tank! Tank!

The WiiU seems to have the most exclusives (that is as long as these are all released close to launch, which Nintendo won't say - not more than "Launch Window" tells us). And the second highest number of games overall (with 23 total, only beaten by the Wii's 25).

This seems like a good launch window to me - however to sell me on it I need to see some titles coming out next year to be certain the games will last; still I think people should look at this and put it into perspectives - Nintendo may have been bad at explaining it and selling the console at E3 but there isn't a lack of games themselves.

What do you people think? - seeing this has affected your thoughts on the WiiU (it definitely affected mine in putting them properly out there for me to compare, although it still hasn't won me over - and we cannot be concrete that these games will be out at/vero close to launch).


I don't want people to think I am simply saying that Quantity is better than Quality and that Nintendo is in the same position as the other companies were with their consoles at the start of this generation - Quality is clearly the thing that will give lasting appeal and Nintendo is clearly in a different position now. But we only have so much information to go on - I don't think this information is clearly shown in any other way without digging for it and we cannot know the quality of these titles or ports until release so it is all speculation. Remember this is all subject to change and still from early information on a product which Nintendo has not yet outlined full details on.

*There is a version of Lego City Undercover for the 3DS so it could be argued it isn't an exclusive (alike to Scribblenauts Unlimited) but the developers are saying it is a different story and levels to be expected on the portable version - so I think since this has a complete single player experience only on the WiiU then I will continue to have it set as an exclusive - however keep in mind it may turn out to be the same as the 3DS version, we simply do not know. And alike to a lot here - we have to just rely on word-of-mouth from them as to what is true or not*

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You're practicing quantity over quality here and I think comparing these past launch's against the Wii U's is null and void as all these systems mentioned came out 5+ years ago, times have changed.

If we however compare how the first party supported their systems at launch then:

360 - Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham Racing 3.

PS3 - Resistance, Genji.

Wii - Wii Play, Wii Sports, WarioWare.

Wii U - Nintenland (Carnival Games, nintendofied, mini game collection), Wii Fit U (sequal, casual fitness game), SiNG (casual Just Dance/Singtar game), Game & Wario (still a mini game collection however cool), Pikmin 3 (sequal we already knew about, plays the same, uses wiimote and nunchuck, why a Wii U game?), Wii U Panorama View (um..what?), Project P-100 (the only game that looks interesting, published and no developed by Nintendo)

How are Nintendo themselves showing off what is cool and can be done with this system? Why are third party developers going to support this system if Nintendo can't be bothered to at launch.

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Pretty sure raymam will be on all platforms.....also quality over quantity is the name of the game.

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@RazielCuts: The problem I have with the "talk about quality over quantity" arguement is that from where I am standing the WiiU seems to have higher quality games.

Assassin's Creed 3 and Darsiders 2 are definitely higher calibur games than any of the previous launch console's multi-platform games.

Rayman Legends is an exclusive and looks fantastic.

Pikmin 3 is niche but seems well made

The New Mario isn't innovative but it comes from one of the most consistent series Nintendo has

Nintendo Land seems to be the game which shows off what the WiiU can do (however it was horibbly presented at the pres conference).

ZombiU seems interesting, showing off how the WiiU controller can be implimented into gameplay - however it does remind me of when Red Steel was announced and could easily be a serious let down

The point is I made this to get away from the people talking about where franchises are, or that the WiiU has no games, or just talking about how it is a huge disappointment - instead I want people to look at it in context and see that the games are generally of a higher quality than last gens launch games. Am I sold on the system yet? Hell no, I need to see what they are doing with future titles like zelda, metroid and smash bros. before I am won over on the console (which is a serious problem I had with Nintendo only focusing on "Launch window" games at E3 this year). I just think overall the quality of games they have got on the machine is much better than that of what they did on the Wii and they are showing a good cross-section of what games to expect on the machine.

At some point we have to talk about quantity over quality because no matter what console it is - the launch titles will always be weaker than those a year or more down the line when developers (first party and third party) learn how best to use the system. And I am happy Nintendo is showing what they can do with it now rather than what they believe could be done with it (like what microsoft did with the Kinect).

P.S. don't take this as me attacking you or anything, I am simply trying to continue the discussion on the system while trying to talk away the biases and nostalgia of people of what a launch should look like and what they should expect. I agree with you however that times have changed and 5 years down the line we should be expecting more - but I still think expecting something much more is unrealistic especially since we haven't seen all of the NintendoLand games and how they show off the controller (which they are setting up as the WiiU's Wii Sports).

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@Vinny_Says: Ubisoft have said that it is an exclusive - and while it could change, don't expect them to say it until after the WiiU is released. So for all intents and purposes Rayman Legends is a WiiU exclusive.

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I don't think you really can consider Nintendo Land, Wii Fit U, and Wii U Panorama View to be "launch titles", considering they're just little gimmicks that really just show off the capabilities of the hardware you have.

Also, the WiiU can have all the launch software titles in the world promised...but 1: delays happen (damn you Sakurai) 2: Who knows how good they'll actually be and how well they'll control? :

Lego games have always been "well this is great if you have a kid...who can ignore clunky cameras and mindless hack and slash", and while the open-world promise of this new game is all great...we don't have a gameplay demo available for you and I to see and play, so I'm not getting excited yet.

Rayman looks great. I'll give you and everyone else that. If they really pull off the 5-player co-op platforming while rhythm gaming stuff, though, it will be more to Ubisoft's abilities rather than the WiiU hardware. With the "intelligent glass" movement in Microsoft's camp possibly coming a reality, Ubisoft could possibly release the same game, same graphical and gameplay capabilities...on an Xbox 360.

Pikmin 3 is a definite win. I've never wanted to play the franchise's games but what I saw looked cute, fun, and perhaps challenging.

Mario...well, when has there ever been a truly *bad* Mario game? And he appears in every other freaking game for each Nintendo system...whether you want him there or not. However there doesn't seem to be much in the way of innovation here...even less so than other Mario sequels. Honestly this is the same feeling I got when they released the next handheld MarioKart on the 3DS...why? Unless you're really going to need to push for a graphical revolution, why not make money by releasing what is just an "expansion pack" on the system you had success on in the past? This game should be on the Wii, and should be coming out a lot sooner than the WiiU launch.

SiNG...look, Karaoke doesn't require you to purchase a $250-300 console and to hold up an iPad to your face. And if you're going to play a dancing game...why not just play with the Kinect and one of its Dance Central games? I'm sure one of your friends already has an Xbox+Kinect...go buy them a $60 game and save yourself the awkwardness inherent in that...video....

I want to like ZombiU, but at the same time I don't really see the reason why we need to relegate sniper scopes and keypad buttons to a separate screen. When you are looking down a scope or focusing on a keypad, you do not have the ability to see anything else...and live inventory management? Dumb, unless you really like never having a moment to rest and regroup in a survival-horror video game.

Project P-100...could just be an iPad game....until I see a demo where it is justified to have a television screen and other controllers to play a touchscreen game, I shake my head at this game.

Game&Wario? Why isn't this and the Paper Mario/Luigi's Mansion games trading places on their respective systems? WarioWare for the Wii was fun, but it lacked enough substance to justify it being a console game. You unlock everything within 2 hours, and looking like a doofus with your friends and a WiiMote can only last for so many extra hours before it gets tiresome. Hopefully they make this game with enough content so that you're still unlocking new games/modes while multiplaying it weeks or months later with relatives who are in-town for a rare family get-together...or with friends you don't see very often.

I've got nothing to say for the Tank game...so I won't say anything

However, no matter what I feel or anyone else feels about these games, no matter how hyped or how bummed we are about what these trailers and what Reggie says about them, we can't say whether these games will sell us on a WiiU because the darned console is heavily relying on motion controls and that darned iPad controller.

Until we all are able to use all the controllers on a working WiiU with a working demo of all of these games...I really say we can't pass judgement on purchase. There's just been so much fluctuation on the quality of the motion controls, battery life and battery tech of those motion controllers, and compatibility of plug-in standard controllers on the Wii.....

I just don't want to be in the middle of Rayman, having that screen controller conk out, and then have to wait for 1-3 hours the batteries to charge so my friends and I can complete a really awesome level.

/wall of text

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well what makes it different is that Wii U is coming out against two very established consoles in 360 and ps3. While when the Wii cameout it was the same time that people were readying to go to 360/ps3 era; but right now we think we are going to next gen soon but we are not sure at all (infact sony confrence leads me to believe that they might not go next gen till mb 2 years). With the Wii U they have done nothing to sell the system, I actually think there will be super awesome Nintendo games down the line (like EVERY Nintendo console) but its the 3rd party that is the problem. Who is going to buy Batman or ME3 on Wii U? is there this mythical gamer who doens't have a PS3/360 and is not gonna buy one this holiday with looming deals/price cuts (MS is expanding its $99 360). Plus at the conference they did not show any game coming out next year (Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell etc.) that is coming to Wii U and does not give it any sort of confidence to the consumer that this time ti will be different with Nintendo. It's pretty sad that Ubisoft is outdoing Nintendo game wise coming launch time (Zombie WiiU and Rayman look like the best games for the system). They did a better job selling the WiiU last e3 with the CG Zelda trailer than this year. Give us something some hope that console will be awesome (Killzone 2 Trailer like sony, Gears trailer from MS etc.)

WiiU will do fine, but so far Nintendo has shown nothing to suggest that they can get 3rd party support on it in a big way (if they are not coming now, they are sure as hell not coming when next gen comes). The system might be as powerfull as current gen, but there is a lot of cost transfering middleware and what not to a new system, and unless 3rd parties know that its finicially beneficial for them, they will not spend the time or money on it (spend million on WiiU when you know most of ur customers are gonna buy those games on 360/ps3 + those system have millions more users) They have not even shown how the online structure would work (besides the social stuff), so unless they got a tight system there is no way online mp games are gonna sell on it. So Nintendo are back to square one again like the WiiU and Gamcube, their console are pretty much dedicated hardware for their software + social games (real money down the system lifespan is in that Call of Duty/last gens Madden, 3rd party money)

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While I wouldn't say Nintendo Land, Wii Fit U and Panorama look like full-fledged titles yet; they are still games set for launch so I included them (like I included Wii Sports for the Wii).

I agree with quite a lot of what you said, however I am definitely not sold on Smart Glass - which microsoft haven't even said if information and video can be sent from the 360 wirelessly to an ipad without any lag, something I don't believe will happen when they are trying to push it to work with all tablets. But yes it could still happen.

As for being stuck midlevel in Rayman, Nintendo will probably make it so you can play the game while at the same time charging it (like with the PS3 and its controllers) - which doesn't seem like a big problem to include since whether you play it on the TV or not, they still want it to only be in the same room.

Also with the inventory stuff on the ZombiU game - I think it works perfectly and is a well designed concept. Nothing can build suspense like making people have to keep a look out while doing their inventory stuff (like Dark Souls) - but I don't see why they can also have a pause button like the WiiU button which will pause the game and go to the miiverse, there is still a safe place to stop there.

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@Dixavd: The fucking problem is people already have a console that will play those games you're mentioning like Assassin's Creed III and Darksiders 2 at the exact same fidelity. You can't reasonably compare the 360 or PS3 launch because those consoles gave people a reason to make the jump with an HD console that was significantly more powerful.

Or in some other cases...they've already played Batman and Mass Effect.

Nintendo isn't in a position to just throw together another ho-hum launch, they needed something excited. Nothing they showed was exciting to a majority of people. Deal with it dude.

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Hmmm, they clearly have better multiplatform launch titles than the others did, but they'll all be released on hardware with a pre-existing install base so...?

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@theveej: Yeah. you have the exact same problem I have with them focusing purely on their "launch window". However, I am certain this is because Nintendo decided (very unwisely) not to show games after then. Like the rumours going around that Game Informer knows that the next Tomb Raider is on the WiiU. I think there are definitely games in the pipework for 2013 that Nintendo is keeping under wraps (like Retro Studio's game). Still, until they start actually taling about them I can't seriously plan on getting the WiiU.

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@Doctorchimp: You can definitely compare it to the PS3 launch, where most of the multiplatform titles were on th 360 so another console which (At the time of the PS3's launch) had many more games teased and coming out for it at the same fidelity as the PS3.

I totally get how it is different and an uphill struggle for Nintendo - but it is still worth putting it in context. What sold the PS3 for instance wasn't the launch games (since just on those people would be more inclined to go for the 360 with more third party support) but they bought the system on the promise of future titles coming for the system (like God of War). This is the problem the WiiU has, it should have more new IP's from third parties coming to it as third parties know it will be on a system that will be around for a while (while releasing new IPs on the PS3 and 360 is likely being held back for next gen) - but since Nintendo are only focusing on launch we don't know about them - that is the true problem with the systems games.

And what is with the "deal with it dude" line. I am defending Nintendo - I keep bringing up serious problems with the system and how the press conference was a serious disappointment and how I am not sold on the system. I don't have a red name because I am not biased towards any company, I simply did this because I thought "Nintendo seems to have a weak line up" but then looked at the list of games and thought "there are more high quality games here than I thought there was". So I made this list and this post to get people to properly compare them as I think people are holding nostalgia too high for the previous gens releases simply because of the hype for the system and its future software. Does that mean I think their system is good or the launch is going to be amazing, no, it just means that I think Nintendo was horrible at advertising their system this year and didn't properly show what to expect in a way for people to actually look through and see if there is a title there they want to play.

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@Dixavd: You missed it again. The PS3 could sort of pull it off (even though they hurt from it) because a lot of people were holding out on the PS3 to play those titles. That was in the beginning of this generation....

The Wii U is now coming out with what looks like comparable hardware to the 360 and PS3, while those consoles look as though they are going to make a jump forward in tech next year the Wii U is going to find itself in a comparable spot to the Wii.

How is the Wii U going to come out at probably a 300 dollar price point when the 360 and PS3 are cheaper than that and can play the majority of the same games? That tablet isn't that revolutionary from the look of things if the only thing that happens is Batman gets a glowy iPad on his sleeve.

Ask yourself this.

Who the hell wants to play Assassin's Creed III and Darksiders 2....and doesn't have a 360, PS3, or PC that can run those games? You keep comparing the Wii U launch to the 360 and PS3 launch and that is beyond ludicrous.

#14 Posted by Hunkulese (2875 posts) -

Didn't Nintendo call Luigi's Mansion 2 a launch window title?

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I agree. The Wii U will probably go the way of the Gamecube. I don't see the tablet hitting the same audience as the Wiimote did, since the tablet dosen't change anything unlike the Wiimote.

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Filling your launch as much shit as possible isn't a good launch.

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@allworkandlowpay said:

Filling your launch as much shit as possible isn't a good launch.

Hey! don't say that quality titles such as Wii U Panorama View are shit!

#18 Posted by Gargantuan (1887 posts) -

I'd rather play those games on 360/PS3 and I couldn't care less about any Nintendo exclusives.

#19 Posted by downtime58 (224 posts) -

I agree with some of the comments above - the trouble with the majority of Nintendo's third-party titles is that they are not unique IPs to the system.

Games like Kameo or Resistance didn't exist before being released on those new consoles - whereas Batman, AC3, Darksiders 2 will likely be available before the WiiU is even released. As someone said, the people who want to play those games will have likely already bought them by the time they can even purchase a WiiU. And unfortunately, outside of maybe Rayman, the majority of Nintendo's exclusive titles give me a strong case of casual mini-game deja vu.

#20 Posted by Dixavd (1400 posts) -

@Doctorchimp: I totally get how they are different and how Nintendo is in a much worse position and could be making a serious mistake. But that isn't a reason not to compare them.

The problem I have with the "think of any gamer who doesn't already own a console which can play games like AC2 and Darsiders 2 and wish to play them" is that I don't think that is the relevancy of why these games are here. All of these titles have something on the WiiU that isn't on others (even if it is just a different input method - and we still don't know what it is on Darksiders yet). And while they don't seem like great enticements (and mostly something that I think I and most others don't care about) but it is something (just like when the 360 and PS3 came out most titles were multiplatform and only looked slightly better on these consoles - a very minor improvement like what these titles are on the WiiU). But just like those titles on the 360 and PS3 didn't sell them, these aren't meant to sell the WiiU - imagine if the console came out without any of these and only had titles that were either exclusive or extremely different on their console? That would never happen because there is no proof that any of these games will be good - these are filler games there to be there so that early adopters know there will be at least one quality title for them to play. And believe it or not, lots of people don't have the money to buy all the games that come out so many of them would have missed things like Batman since they may have not have been one of the big titles for them - so having them on the new console (which as long as the other exclusives have sold them on it - which is obvious for me and you they have not succeeded but for a lot of people - mostly Nintendo-fanboys they would have) for them to check out and now that there is something good there to check out.

I don't see why you are so averse to comparing previous launches. If there was more information to talk about like price, proper list of titles and release dates as well as what features the WiiU will have for each game then I totally see why comparing them is pointless as there are more things to talk about. But since we do not have those things, all these things are speculation so it is at least worth it to talk about just to see what people want and how their opinions are and have changed today compared to 5 years ago. It may not interest you, but it interests me to see how peoples opinions have changed over time as well the fact that I found it surprising to see all of the titles and how these current gen consoles like the PS3 and 360 have done well with some pretty weak openings.

I'm not saying Nintendo is in the same position as any of these consoles were, but there is the similarity that this is the launch of the system so this is the start and the weakest the system will ever be on games so the fact that Nintendo has picked quality titles to add to their system (even if they can be played already or will be able to play on other systems) is interesting - especially compared to how bad the filler titles for other launch systems were.

If you think it is so pointless and uninteresting to you - don't continue to respond, but it is interesting to me and I think it is a fair comparison - it is my opinion, and yours doesn't affect how I personally find it interesting.

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God I don't hope Rayman Legends ends up as an exclusive, I really want to play that, and I doubt I'm gonna pick up a wii U near launch.

#22 Posted by spankingaddict (2745 posts) -

If those are truly launch games at launch , then great !

#23 Posted by JJOR64 (19092 posts) -

I really hope Nintendo Land is a pack in game. If they are going to try to sell it for $60 at launch, that's crazy.

#24 Posted by Dixavd (1400 posts) -

@spankingaddict: Was that sarcasm or would a launch of all of these games truly interest you. If so why? Which ones?

#25 Posted by Dixavd (1400 posts) -

@JJOR64: Yeah, I think the same thing. It doesn't matter how great it is - I am not going to buy it on its own. I think they either need to make it a console pack-in or a pac-in with a second controller (if they sell them separately and didn't just mean the 2-controller stuff is just for people to bring their controller to a friends house). But yeah, they would be into a serious marketing problem to release the WiiU without a big pack in or trying to advertise Nintendo Land separately.

#26 Posted by spankingaddict (2745 posts) -

@Dixavd said:

@spankingaddict: Was that sarcasm or would a launch of all of these games truly interest you. If so why? Which ones?

I LOVE Pikmin ! So , no that was not sarcasm . If this was the line up , then I would get the Wii U with Pikmin 3 day 1 . I also think Zombie U , Rayman Legends ,Platinum's game , and New Super Mario Bros. U would be bonus good games along side my Wii U .

#27 Posted by wewantsthering (1617 posts) -

The problem with this comparison is that when those other systems launched, they were next-gen and something fresh. The Wii U is stacking directly against XB360 and PS3 with their already vast libraries of games. The Wii U is a really hard sell considering real next-gen consoles are likely right around the corner.

#28 Posted by Dookysharpgun (586 posts) -

Honestly, I don't think that any of those third party titles will do much for the WiiU. I mean, I'm not against the console having some of the games we've been able to play on other consoles for months, or those which have yet to be released, but Nintendo has an issue with releases that they advertise during E3, which also applies to their exclusives. I've been there with the DS and Wii, and even the 3DS has gotten the shaft from poor release decisions, and I highly doubt that these games will a) make a difference to the consoles overall sales, given the fact that they can be bought on cheaper consoles, and b) come out when they're supposed to, in some cases, even at all, given the fact that Assassin's Creed has had a pretty bad run on nintendo consoles, seeing as the AC game for the 3DS never came out.

The WiiU is offering a relatively unnecessary controller and a console that could possibly be on par with the PS3, for a possible high end price, that will have full-priced games on them. When you stack it up like that, until the exclusives really start rolling in, the WiiU is going to struggle, because I don't see much by way of incentive in terms of games. If it's lucky, it'll pick up, but I'd be on the fence about whether it outright fails, or claws its way back from a seemingly poor start.

#29 Posted by Dixavd (1400 posts) -

@Dookysharpgun: I think we are on the same page. My only thoughts would be if this was all bad timing and if E3 was in August/September then Nintendo would be in a much better position to show it off. Hopefully they can get some feedbac and properly use the controller because I too think that with what they have shown it seems like an expensive waste. However I do think some amazing things could be done with it (like using what ZombiU does of something happenin gon screen differently to the controller - I think possibly using the Okami-angle of a string of brush strokes to kill an enemy but on the controller it is just a stroke to aima sclice while on screen is a truly spectacular show - like using the controller as a way to allow the player to easily see and respond to information while the TV can be used to react to it in a beautiful animation. Things like that could be very interesting). But right now it isn't there yet, and they are definitely running out of time to sell people on it before developers and publishers start properly teasing next gen.

#30 Posted by FreakAche (2957 posts) -

STOP SAYING RAYMAN IS AN EXCLUSIVE! It hasn't been confirmed, and I find it extremely unlikely that it wouldn't come to Xbox 360 and PS3.

#31 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

Isn't Lego City Undercover also being released for 3DS? If Scribblenauts Unlimited isn't considered Wii U exclusive, neither is Lego GTA.

#32 Posted by Danteveli (1216 posts) -

Lets be honest PS3 and Xbox 360 hadd crappy launch titles and WiiU looks promising. But there are not enough games to show whats WiiU really about and thats the problem.

#33 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -

@FreakAche said:

STOP SAYING RAYMAN IS AN EXCLUSIVE! It hasn't been confirmed, and I find it extremely unlikely that it wouldn't come to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Any third-party title could theoretically end up multiplatform. Might as well compare only first-party games if that's seen as an issue.

#34 Posted by FreakAche (2957 posts) -

@LordAndrew said:

@FreakAche said:

STOP SAYING RAYMAN IS AN EXCLUSIVE! It hasn't been confirmed, and I find it extremely unlikely that it wouldn't come to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Any third-party title could theoretically end up multiplatform. Might as well compare only first-party games if that's seen as an issue.

Meh... Rayman in particular, I just have a really hard time picturing as an exclusive title.

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The launch window is no doubt strong, but it's not releasing in a vacuum. If I own a 360/PS3, there are simply not enough games on the Wii U to sell me because I still have such a large library of games to play, and Pikmin 3 is not enough.

If I didn't own a 360/PS3, I would have every reason to buy a 360/PS3 over a WiiU. The 360/PS3 have had over 7 years to build up an impressive library of games, most of them now cheap. The 360/PS3 themselves are also very cheap. I just don't see a reason for anyone to buy a WiiU unless they really want Pikmin 3, or have been tricked by marketing to buy one.

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Quality over quantity. Yeah, there's an echo here.

Also, there are too many unknowns now. We're almost 6 months before it could hit the streets. And even if we did know when it's going to get released, Nintendo has about 6 months to finalise the hardware - which may or may not be more powerful than the PS3 or Xbox 360 -, start ordering parts and start assembling enough units for a worldwide launch or a staggered launch across all three major territories. Of course, they would have to reveal their online strategy for games with a known online component like the EA Sports games or ME3: the WiiU may or may not use the existing technology used by Nintendo existing Wi-Fi Connection, may or may not use a token / point system like the Xbox Marketplace or the existing Nintendo eShop (whose existing Wii / DS points may or may not carry over) or a simple cash system like PSN. It also may or may not be priced competitively with the current consoles, or have multiple hidden costs like Xbox Gold. Whether or not the added tablet functionality is worth getting a new console is also up in the air.

And this is going to show my age but... '" It's the economy, stupid!". When the times are rough, money is hard to come by, the competition that is priced at $199, is slightly less powerful and has a huge library of "old", used cheap games is going to look a lot more attractive than that shiny new toy.

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@LordAndrew: I wasn't sure about that. I couldn't find a credible source saying that it definitely was coming out on the 3DS - only could find (going by the Nintendo website) that Lego Batman 2 was going to 3DS. Can you link me to one otherwise and I'll change it.

@FreakAche: Well a Ubisoft representative said it and Nintendo and Ubisoft have been questioned on it multiple times and they haven't denied it (in fact Ubisoft just said they could move ZombiU to other consoles in the future, but didn't reply to the Rayman question or if they had plans for either of them to do it at the moment). So when the only sources that are replying are saying it is (heck they aren't even saying "we do not reply to rumours or speculation") then I am going to categorise it so. But I did say at the bottom and I keep reiterating none of this is concrete and until we even have a date for the console to be released almost anything here is subject to change.

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@Dixavd: There are news stories from this year's E3 saying they also announced it for 3DS, but I'd have to watch the press conference again to verify. They may have been assuming based on older information, I don't know.

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@Gaff: I totally get how there are too many variables to decide if the launch will be big or not right now. I did it more to put all of these titles in one place so people can see them (for instance I expect quite a few people wouldn't know about Platinum's new game) and so that they can start to form a decision of if it was released tommorrow with all of this at what price they would expect it at. I didn't make an opinion on a quality of any of these titles (I left it up to everyone here to respond to to give their opinion as to whether they are good enough yet) as it is such a subjective thing as well as the amount of limited information about what we can expect to be in each one.

I also did it as I think it is a good comparison to show what kind of audience Nintendo is aiming at and comparing it to the others (some of which changed over time - such as Sony's focus on RPG's mid-way through the cycle which wasn't properly hinted at in their launch line up) to show how it could change in the future.

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@LordAndrew: I think I am going to leave Lego City Undercover as an exclusive as the reveal at the event (which I just checked) and the reports say it is a completely new story and different content on the 3DS - however I will edit a note in about it for others to think about. Thanks.

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The launch list for the Wii U isn't as bad as the PS3's but I feel no urgency to pick one up. In retrospect, the 360 had the best line-up of the 4 platforms listed above. Still, the Wii U isn't hopeless, it's just a wait-and-see system. I want to see more innovation on the software side from Nintendo, not on the hardware front. Innovation doesn't mean gimmicky titles which support the unique control scheme, not does it necessarily mean something radically different, but it could mean a new approach to a familiar standard. Something that makes me say, "Hey, now that was neat."

I didn't grow into gaming with the NES or SNES so none of their iconic characters have any nostalgic value to me. I have very little attachment to Mario games although I liked Mario Kart. For me, he's the guy in the Donkey Kong game. Metroid and Zelda are more my style and thankfully I haven't played enough Zelda titles to be completely sick of its repetitious plot format (or so I am told). Still, these and a handful of other franchises are why people seem to buy Nintendo game systems these days. All other "serious" gaming is done on other platforms. Perhaps Nintendo can turn that around with the Wii U. However, I need a reason to believe I am going to get more than family-friendly fare from them. This launch line-up doesn't instill that kind of confidence in me.

So, maybe a year or so after launch, if the system has accrued a noteworthy library, I'll pick one up. Hell, if they release Dragon Quest X on it, they're much more likely to grab my attention than if the game languishes on the Wii.

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To be honest, this look at the launch line up has made me want a WiiU less than I did before, which was a fairly minimal anyway. The WiiU will sell an absolute shit ton but it just isn't for me.

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@Imsorrymsjackson: When you say "less than I did before", do you mean before E3 when the details on which games will be present wasn't announced (in which case I agree and found this E3 as a missed opportunity for them). Or do you mean it as after the press conference but before it was put out in plain sight to really think about - in which case what changed for you between knowing about these titles and actually seeing them together as a tangible list?

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@PenguinDust: Dragon Quest X is still on a TBA release date on the Wii U so it should still come. But I don't expect it until after February next year since they didn't talk about it at E3 this year (which is odd since it has an August release date on the Wii). On the other hand that assumes they will eventually release it outside of Japan - which with Nintendo is never a surefire thing.

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@Dixavd: First one, I just don't know what to make of it all really. I think I just want Nintendo to stop being so gimmicky, they have triple A titles and an amazing legacy so just make a console that plugs into a tv, that you play with a standard style controller and just make some amazing games. Basically, I want a new Gamecube. I think my bias is as such because I hate motion gaming.

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I wasn't extremely interested in Wii U before, but considering the retailers in my country are pricing it at 4995 SEK (roughly $667) there's no way in hell I'll pay that kind of money for a console that isn't a huge step-up over the current ones, especially since my Wii have been turned on less than 10 times since I bought it. Sure, the pricing is just a placeholder, but I doubt they'll lower it by a whole lot until release.

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@Dixavd: That would seem to support my wait-and-see approach to the system. I'll take another look at it holiday 2013 provided I'm not completely enamored with a possible next-gen Xbox or Playstation. Hell, maybe I'll get one then because I can't find a new X-system for sale. That's how I wound up with a PS3. I wanted to buy a Wii but they were sold out.

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If you want to include what Nintendo calls a "launch window" these days then I'm pretty sure you should include just about anything that came out in the first year of all those consoles.

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How valuable are "launch games" that have been released a year or more ago?

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@MikkaQ said:

If you want to include what Nintendo calls a "launch window" these days then I'm pretty sure you should include just about anything that came out in the first year of all those consoles.

I would say this time they mean up to 3-4 months (which is still a long time, Nintendo is really bad at these sorts of things) as they seemed to suggest Aliens Colonial Marines wasn't near launch (as it is one of the few ones which doesn't say either "holiday 2012" or "launch" on their website). So that might give a better indication of what they mean. They also seemed to indicate that by what they talked about on the 3DS only talking about games still slated for a 2012 release date. So it seems like Nintendo simply isn't speaking much about 2013 plans.

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