New Wii U console minus GamePad = $130. Worth it?

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An eBay seller lists a brand-new "replacement" Wii U deluxe console for $130. The catch: wires (<$5), manuals, sensor (compatible w/Wii sensor, I'm told), and GamePad ($150 for "replacement", possibly cheaper next year) are NOT included.

I know a GamePad is needed for initial setup - a friend of mine can lend his if it's only needed once - but my questions are:

Should I take up this offer?

If so, should I pay for the GamePad now, or wait until it's sold at retail? Also, what notable games require (or are greatly improved using) a GamePad?

For reference, I primarily wish to play (co-op) Super Mario 3D World this holiday, but Pikmin 3, Windwaker HD, and Smash Bros. are all eventual purchases, too.

Any advice is appreciated.

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well pikmin is better with de game pad, windwaker also

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No gamepad, no deal.

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No cause you can't get it separate, can you? That means that if a future game has a gamepad as mandatory you're fucked.

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I think you need the game pad for more than just setup, I wouldn't go for it.

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@nictel said:

No cause you can't get it separate, can you? That means that if a future game has a gamepad as mandatory you're fucked.

GamePads are available both from Nintendo ($140 plus shipping) and from eBay sellers. My expectation is that Nintendo will sell GamePads at retail next year.

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YOu cant use the nintendo store to download any games without the Game pad. I have tried to use the wii motes but it tells you the game pad is required. I have also heard that the game pad cannot be purchased on its own but I find it hard to believe that nintendo would not sell it for replacement purposes. You have to wonder how this guy ended up with just a system with no game pad. Perhaps he broke his original pad and had to purchase a new system to replace it.

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That man is selling a broken Wii U.

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@korwin said:

That man is selling a broken Wii U.

Considering it's a company seller, the feedback rating is 99%, there are eight consoles available, and it's listed as New, I doubt it.

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